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how to remove crayon marks from walls

How To Get Rid Of Crayon Marks From Your Walls

Our reader’s corner section  features questions from  our readers and provides insights on all topics related to  home design, homekeeping and interiors. This edition’s question: “My kids don’t usually draw on walls, but every now and then, I’ll find a scribble or two. Please give me a few tips on how to get rid of […]

hardwood flooring2

How To| Clean Hardwood Flooring

With people thinking beyond vitrified tiles and marble, a lot of Indian homes are opting for hardwood flooring. Undoubtedly, it looks gorgeous and holds aesthetic appeal. However, many homeowners have reservations about this choice of flooring, since it requires a specific type of cleaning to ensure durability. The care and maintenance aspects of hardwood flooring are …

morning glory

Need To Know | Sofa Upholstery That is Right for You

Choosing the right upholstery depends on the style of interiors, the type of sofa, the amount of use as well as maintenance considerations. Make a choice after knowing how each type of upholstery fares on these criteria.   Will your sofa fulfill all your needs and expectations? The answer lies in the upholstery you choose …

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