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Wardrobe Direction As per Vastu: 6 Tips on Maintaining Good Vastu for Wardrobes

Does your bedroom feel like it needs a pick-me-up? Perhaps a refresher course on good wardrobe vastu can help!


7+ Vastu Tips for a South-West Facing House

A south-west facing house can invite troubles affecting your finances and relationships. But these remedies can fix the vastu of your home and reduce the effect of any negativity in it


Top 9 Kitchen Colours As per Vastu to Attract Positivity Into Your Kitchen

A complete guide to help you choose the best kitchen colours as per vastu. P.S. Avoid dark colours!


10+ Easy Bedroom Vastu Tips for a Peaceful and Relaxing Space

Find out how to keep that positive energy flowing throughout your home with bedroom vastu (and Feng Shui) tips on layout, furniture, colours and materials


In Need of South-Facing House Vastu Tips? Here Are 6 Remedies for a South-Facing House

Worried about whether your south-facing house has vastu doshas? We’ve got some simple vastu remedies for you to try out.


9 Essential Pooja Room Vastu Tips for a Happy Home

Let the traditional wisdom of pooja room vastu lead your way to a happy and prosperous home


10 Easy Staircase Vastu Tips for a Happy Home

When it comes to staircase vastu, factors like directions, colours, shapes and so much more need to be considered


10+ Kitchen Vastu Tips to Bring Positive Energy in Your Kitchen

Easy kitchen vastu tips for anyone who is building or renovating

East-Facing House Vastu Plan: 10+ Tips for Good Luck in Your East-Facing House Plan

East-Facing House Vastu Plan: 10+ Tips for Good Luck in Your East-Facing House Plan

With dos and don’ts you never knew about an east-facing house plan as per vastu!


West-Facing House Vastu Plan: 10 Important Tips You Must Know

These tips can help you bring positivity and good energy into your west-facing home.

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