Window treatments are probably not the first thing on a homeowner’s mind while decorating but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. In fact, curtains and window treatments can make or break a space so it’s vital that enough attention is paid to them as part of a home’s larger design scheme. To stay on top of trends, pick a window curtain design from these options.

Window Curtain Design #1: Rattan Blinds
window curtain design-blinds-wall art-pendant lights-white sofa
A multipurpose option

Rattan blinds are perfect for ensuring adequate natural light without compromising on privacy. Rattan is essential a palm that’s used to make furniture and furnishings such as blinds– therefore, these blinds will also give off a natural appeal.

Window Curtain Design #2: Tall Curtains
window curtain design-home office-roman blinds-beige blinds-pooja room door
Subtle curtains for a sizable window

For an elegant curtain design that also serves the purpose, consider installing tall curtains. These successfully draw the eye upwards and adds to the illusion of vertical space without being an eyesore. Depending on the colour palette of the rest of the room, you can either keep the drapes more minimal in colour or spice it up with bold hues. For a touch of luxe, add metallic accents.

Window Curtain Design #3: Roman Shades
window curtain design-home office-roman blinds-beige blinds-pooja room door
A versatile option

Roman shades are made of fabric that folds horizontally into pleats when raised. They’re an upgraded version of traditional Venetian blinds and are highly customisable. These blinds can be made in almost any fabric. The cord mechanism allows users to keep the shades as high or as low as they want, thus giving them better control over the light let in and privacy. Natural materials like bamboo and wood can also be used to make Roman shades!

Window Curtain Design #4: Horizontal Blinds
window curtain design-horizontal blinds-pendant light designs-grey bed
Blinds with slats for a bedroom

You could spruce up a window with horizontal blinds. In this style, the pulling mechanism raises the blinds and gets locked into place. Whereas, lowering the slats by unlocking the blinds will give you privacy while blocking sunlight from entering the room. Horizontal blinds work best when vinyl material or plastic is used. However, there’s no hard and fast rule that you can’t experiment with different colours and materials!

Window Curtain Design #5: Layered Fabrics and Blinds
window curtain design-purple wall-blinds-curtains-grey chair-wooden flooring
 Experiment with combinations

This idea is a winner for massive French windows or sliding balcony doors. The double layer of curtains serve different purposes. The blinds to block off the light just a tad and the solid curtains to completely darken the room. This option also allows you to play with textures, colours and patterns to create an interesting designs that is eye-catching beyond its functionality. 

Tip: Steer clear of outdated window treatments that could look old-fashioned or generally unpleasing. Heavy velvet or brocade drapes with frills and tufts are one such window curtain design. Similarly, curtains that start right above the window are also a no-no. You can hang them from the top and make the room look much taller.
Use these ideas to keep with the trends and stun everyone that enters the room.

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