Did you, until now, use the words ‘drawing rooms’ and ‘living rooms’ interchangeably? Well, most people do. But, there is a fine line of difference between the two. While a living room is a space where the family spends time together, a drawing room is the outermost room in your house meant for hosting guests. 

Sometimes, your living room can be your drawing room due to the lack of space. And this is the case in most average Indian homes. However, drawing rooms can never be living rooms, primarily because they are designed with a crisp formality that would miss the familiar cosiness of living rooms. 

drawing rooms-grey sofa-blue wallpaper
The drawing room
living room-blue sofa
And the living room

This Gurgaon home with 2 living rooms in 2 styles illustrates the difference effortlessly. The first image is of the drawing room where guests are hosted. It’s formal to the T and has a more elaborate decor. The second is a connected but private space for the family to gather. 

Need some inspiration? We got you covered!

Top 5 Drawing Rooms Designed by Livspace

#1: The Modern and the Mughal-esque

drawing rooms-beige sofa-glass decor-bar unit
We have a bar unit but no TV unit

Location: Gurgaon
Style: Art deco

If the Mughals got their interiors done in this decade, this is how a durbar would look! Inspired by the elegant Mughal painting that is at the centre, this drawing room in Gurgaon uses an elaborate and glitzy design style, The furniture, with its plush upholstery and metallic finishes, is certainly art deco in style. And the patterned and backlit glass adds an element of glamour. Notice how there is no TV unit here but a bar counter instead? That’s because the space is exclusively used for hosting guests!

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#2: A contemporary space for big parties

drawing rooms-orange armchairs-grey sofa
Don’t miss the fluid shape of the centre table

Location: Mumbai
Style: Contemporary

Can you believe if we say that this room can seat close to 50 people at once? It’s the perfect drawing room for hosting big parties and is decorated keeping in mind the course of a party. See the centre table here? Its fluid shape allows it to be accessible to the entire seating area without making it look cramped. The two grey sectional sofas are ideal for smaller groups to socialise. And the orange accent chairs provide a much needed pop of colour! 

Don’t miss the dining space behind, which, like everything else in this room, has a crisp air of formality!

#3: A sectioned drawing room that is basic but beautiful

drawing rooms-white sofa-partition designs
The drawing room is a section of the larger living area

Location: Hyderabad
Style: Indian Minimal

Ever heard of the saying that basic is the best kind of beautiful? This is one of those drawing rooms that proves it. The predominantly white furniture allows the wallpaper to shine and that becomes the single point of focus in this room. All the wooden elements here give it the required warmth. It would be fair to say that it has all the elements of the Indian minimal style

Interestingly, this drawing room is a part of a larger living room. This section adjoins the dining area and the family’s private living area is at the end. 

#4: A drawing room with a view

red sofa-swimming pool
It’s minimal in design but plush in details

Location: Noida
Style: Minimal Glam

The instantly noticeable fact about this drawing room is that it has a clear view of the swimming pool. What’s more? The colour scheme is a rich cream and white with a dollop of crimson that pops brilliantly. In short, this is the best example of a drawing room that follows the minimal glam style. The design is minimal with whites and an open layout. But the upholstery and the soft furnishings are plush velvet and silk with hints of metal for glamour. Also, the variety of seating ensures that the family can host parties comfortably. 

#5: The Haveli and its Baithak

drawing rooms-indian drawing room
Carved wood with reds and golds makes it very royal

Location: Delhi
Style: Indian Traditional

The carved wood, the marble tabletops and the candelabra chandelier should leave no doubt as to the style of this drawing room. It’s a perfect rendition of a traditional Indian haveli where guests are received in a formal sitting area or baithak. The reds and gold blend with the polished wood to create a royal vibe. If you want to try this style, ensure you have enough space for it and also a decent ceiling height. 

Don’t miss the draped and pinned style of the curtains! It totally goes with the flow. 

Tips to Decorate Drawing Rooms

living room-floor seating
And the salient features of drawing rooms are…

Now that we have seen what real drawing rooms look like, let’s get a gist of how you can decorate one yourself. Here are some must-haves and good-to-haves for your drawing room decor:

  • Keep the seating formal: A comfortable sofa and chairs that people can sit on for long periods of time
  • Have a centre table and lots of side tables:  For serving food and beverages
  • Skip the TV unit: Keep a good music system instead
  • Leave personal elements out of the decoration: No family photos, mementoes or plants
  • Make a statement: Accent chairs, accent walls and statement lighting or flooring are good-to-haves

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