False ceiling design for bedroom has been a popular request that our customers have. In fact, most people prefer false ceilings to be the focal points of their bedrooms. Apart from being a decorative element, modern false ceiling designs also have additional features:

  • They can give your room uniform lighting or even fancy mood lighting
  • They can conceal any loose wiring on the ceiling 
  • False ceilings can cover up any exposed beams in the construction 
  • They provide insulation and reduce noise levels
  • Nevertheless, they can be fire- and water- proof as well

Provided that it is not subjected to extreme conditions, false bedroom ceiling design made with good material can last up to 20 years.

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Take a look at the false ceiling design for bedroom that were done by Livspace designers.

#1: Raise the Bar With Peripheral False Bedroom Ceiling Design

If you have low ceiling, peripheral ceilings are an ideal choice

This minimalist design in blue is able to add a pop of colour to the space,  and stay in sync with the theme of the room. Ideal for low-ceiling bedrooms, the peripheral false ceiling, keeping to its name, runs around the wall edges. To enhance the look, like in this image, add some diffused lighting for the most part and some study corner spotlights. 

#2: Experiment With Inverted Cove Recessed Lighting

false ceiling design-inverted cove-recessed lighting
Put your high ceiling to good use with inverted cove recessed lights

Have exceptionally high ceilings? Then this is your go-to option. It manages to reduce the height while keeping the look minimal. Additionally, work in a fan or a low-hanging chandelier and this modern false ceiling design will make it look right. 

#3: Groovy Cove for That Show-Stopper Appeal

groovy cove
Be ready for that glam look with groovy cove lights

Add the touch of drama with this modern masterpiece of a groovy curve. In the same way, this bedroom ceiling design disperses light evenly across the room and adds brag-worthy details to the high ceiling.

#4: Get Fresh, Playful Designs For a Kids’ Room

false ceiling designs-kids room
Play with false ceiling design for kids’ bedroom’

Adults shouldn’t have all the fun, right? Thus, this designer kids’ room has a cloud pattern as the  false ceiling design for the bedroom. It is playful and dreamy, blending easily with the pink and blue palette of the space. 

#5: Add Drama with Panelled False Ceiling Design for the Bedroom

Consider an MDF panel for cost effectiveness and longevity of the false ceiling design for bedrooms

Put together with MDF panelling and covered in wallpaper for the canopy-like effect in this bedroom, this false ceiling design has a smart striped look. It is smart and cost-effective when you compare it to a false ceiling or gypsum, not to mention the fact that it looks great! 

#6: Paint with an Inverted Cove for that Dramatic Effect

inverted cove-duco paint
Ply panelling can be used to custom colours for your bedroom

You know why this false ceiling design for the bedroom stands out? The dash of Duco paint to match the sunny headboard on an MDF or ply panelling can give your bedroom the much- needed pop of colour. Also, it gives the room even lighting.

#7: Add the Old-World Charm of Wooden Rafters

If traditional is your taste, consider wooden rafters as bedroom ceiling design

Wooden rafters have such a beautiful vintage vibe. This room combines the rafters with a bold floral print on the wall which has a nostalgic effect that brings to mind old memories of the times when the old radio station was playing in the background as your grandmother was making her cookies. 

#8: Achieve Focused Lighting with an Inverted Cove for Spotlights

false ceiling design-inverted cove-spotlights-focused lighting
Use spotlight cove lighting and watch the space focus change

The Livspace designer who worked on this space decided to use orange paint in the inverted cove of the POP ceiling to match the cabinets. The track/spot lights have been swapped with recessed lights in the study corner for this false ceiling design for the bedroom.

#9: Affix Wooden Details to an Inverted Cove

inverted cove-wooden details
Wooden details make the room look clean and sophisticated

To add class and warmth to the bedroom, this basic inverted cove design is made interesting with wooden rafters around the edges for that beautiful detail.

#10: Jazz Up With a Curvy Bedroom  Ceiling Design and Wallpaper

false ceiling design-curved ceiling-wallpaper
Make a stunning focal point with this curvy false ceiling with a wallpaper

This room has a theatrical finish with the POP panelling. Additionally, the wallpaper extends from the wall to the ceiling and adds extra glamour to the room. 

#11: Love Patterns? Try Zig-Zagging Your Way Through the False Ceiling

The zig-zag pattern lights up every nook and cranny of the room

Easily installed in 30 minutes, this backlit panel can be the quick solution you need for your bedroom lighting. This false ceiling design for bedrooms is trendy and gives your room beautiful diffused lighting.

#12: Be Savvy with This Aesthetic Chevron- Patterned Wooden Panelling

false ceiling design-chevron patterned-wood panelling
You can never go wrong with this chevron-patterned false ceiling

Elegance, thy name is wood panelling! This gorgeous chevron-patterned false ceiling design for the bedroom matches the headboard, which makes the bed the focal point of the room.

#13: Keep it Basic With Platform Panels

platform panels
Opt for platform panels for a sophisticated look

This false ceiling design for the bedroom hides the wiring well while keeping the cost low. The modern ceiling design is restricted to the periphery above the headboard with a variety of lighting — backlighting, spotlights and extended pendant lights — for added effect! 

This false ceiling design for the bedroom hides the wiring well while keeping the cost low. The modern ceiling design is restricted to the periphery above the headboard with a variety of lighting — backlighting, spotlights and extended pendant lights — for added effect! 

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