In the heart of the home lies the most important room — the kitchen. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed chef or a budding baker, the value of a well-designed kitchen is obvious. However, this is one space that is notoriously difficult to design. To make things easier for you, we’ve created  an extensive inspiration guide, starting with one of the most efficient layouts — the parallel kitchen.

Also known as a galley kitchen, this layout is perfect for compact homes or for one-cook kitchens. With aesthetics similar to an alleyway, you have the chance to pack it with storage on both walls.

A layout packed with storage on either side

What is a parallel kitchen?

A parallel or galley kitchen is a classic layout with a narrow space that comprises two walls with a passageway between them. Packed with base and wall cabinets on either side, it is an easy layout to design as there is no need to worry about fitting cabinets in corners.

Why should you choose a parallel kitchen?

Be it ergonomics, layout or appliances, parallel kitchens are superior for many reasons. Here’s why you should opt for a parallel kitchen layout:

  • In most cases, parallel kitchens take up less floor space and work well for compact homes
  • Lesser materials are used on the countertops and cabinets, thereby cutting down the overall design cost
  • This layout is ideal for homes with one cook and lesser footfall
  • Keep the design simple as it is easy to stick to the basics. It has limited design scope for a breakfast counter or kitchen island

Things to keep in mind about a parallel kitchen

  • Maximise storage by adding wall and base cabinets on either side
  • Maintain equal distance among the elements that make up  the kitchen golden triangle
  • Keep the sink and hob on the same side
  • Position the fridge on the opposite side, preferably between the line of the sink and hob

Pros and cons of parallel kitchens

They take up less floor spaceParallel kitchens are usually very narrow
They are cost-effectiveNot ideal when there are multiple cooks
Provides plenty of workspaceThey provide limited storage

Here are a few Livspace designs for inspiration.

#1: A sleek parallel kitchen with a pop of colour

parallel kitchen-red counters
Luxe and grandiose

A glimpse of grandeur is what this parallel kitchen is all about. The sleek storage allows easy movement with floor space to spare.

#2: Add an island to the parallel kitchen design

A parallel kitchen that is perfect for working couples

The peninsula layout creates a spacious look, thanks to the open shelves that are visually light. The prep counter can double as a breakfast counter when you’re done cooking!

#3: Ideal for compact spaces

Maximum storage in a small space

Although the layout seems small, the storage capacity is as good as a normal kitchen. Also, the use of towel hangers on the cabinets for cutlery in this parallel kitchen is a smart move.

#4: For a multi-purpose layout

Extra space to work in this parallel kitchen

It’s not just about the colour contrast here but the efficient layout as well, which has ample prep counter space for a crowd. Hosting parties becomes a lot easier when the kitchen is this spacious.

#5: Switch-up an L-shaped kitchen into a parallel kitchen

An elegant Scandinavian design

You achieve an airy feel when you let go of a few wall cabinets. Although you could smoothly fit an L-shaped kitchen in this space, this parallel kitchen layout uses space efficiently without giving a plain look.

#6: Opt for vastu-approved colours

Ample sunlight in this parallel kitchen

A pop of tangerine is certain to brighten your day! Easy to cook in and grab some food when you’re on the go, this parallel shaped kitchen is ideal for working couples and young chefs. Moreover, it’s vastu-approved. Take a look at a few other vastu-approved kitchen colours.

#7: A parallel kitchen design for multiple cooks

The perfect mix of open and closed cabinets

Got a big family? This relatively spacious parallel kitchen can accommodate your members with ease and allow minimum disruption to work. The work triangle gives you perfect movement and access, especially when you’re in a hurry.

#8: A layout with maximum storage

The perfect design for small families

Not enough storage in the kitchen? Then a parallel kitchen works best for you. An added bonus are lofts that increase the utility of the kitchen.

#9: A low-maintenance parallel kitchen design

Sleek, handleless cabinets for a modern look

For the busy couples out there who feel maintenance is a task, this kitchen is a perfect fit. The glossy shutters, quartz countertops and tile backsplash are easy to clean with their smooth surfaces.

#10: An elegant Livspace kitchen

Simple and elegant

A flawless solution for a rectangular layout is this parallel kitchen. Sleek storage, neutral colours and glossy finishes make it appear bright and spacious. You’ll be surprised that this home also features ethnic elements with effortless elegance.

#11: Seamless and handleless look

Brilliant hues of blue

A handleless finish for a seamless look is matched with quirky aqua tones for those who love offbeat styles. Pick a mix of open, closed and frosted-glass or plain-glass shutters for a balanced look. Love the spring-like feel of this parallel kitchen? Check out the complete home here.

#12: A classy white parallel kitchen design

Pristine white, perfect for small spaces

Finally, white kitchens are getting their well-deserved popularity. After letting go of the myth that they are hard to maintain, these homeowners opted for an efficient and bright kitchen. This home was designed by Livspace for a pilot couple!

#13: Decked in wooden finishes

Warm, wooden vibes

Bring in classic notes with wooden finishes but choose to contrast it with a light backsplash. The glass door lets in ample light so that the kitchen appears bright. It’s not just the parallel kitchen, but the entire home that is dipped in warm browns and beiges. Check this article for more pictures.

#14: Bright and two-toned colours

The minimal backsplash is perfect for this vibrant parallel kitchen design

This two-tone kitchen has a quirky look that is accentuated with a classy marble backsplash. Dedicated zones for appliances make cooking a smooth process. Read the full story here.

#15: A monochrome theme

The cabinets come with a soft-close mechanism

Talk about colour-coding! This monochromatic parallel kitchen is a balance of utility and aesthetics. Handleless cabinets with a soft-close mechanism, frosted-glass shutters along with built-in appliances are bound to encourage your culinary skills. Check out this home for a Moroccan-inspired theme.

#16: Stunning sangria red

Blazing hues of red

Ever wanted a glamorous cooking session? A pop of cherry red, white countertops and a strip of shimmer in the backsplash, this Stylish Yet Sensible Sangria Kitchen Notes parallel kitchen is stunning. Pull-outs, tandem drawers, cutlery units and open shelves ease storage needs.

Take a look at this video for more inspiration:

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