A Noida home design that is dotted with shades of red, orange, yellow, brown and beige!

Noida home design

Who livs here: Rohit Chaturvedi with his wife Meera and daughter Swati

Location: Pan Oasis, Sec 70, Noida

Home Size: 3 BHK + Study spanning 1,900 sq ft

Design team: Interior Designer Megha Sobti with Quality Managers Parul Dixit & Vineet Sharma

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

When your work life wears you down, you seek the comfort of home. A home that is welcoming with positive vibes, was something Rohit Chaturvedi, Livspace homeowner, was looking for. When he approached Livspace, his designer, Megha Sobti, ensured she understood every detail of their lifestyle before suggesting designs.

Thus, the home with bright colours casts a spell-binding impression and extends a warm welcome. Though bold hues like red, orange and yellow are used in ample measures, the balance with whites, beiges and browns hones the overall appearance.

Blend with Beauty

Noida home design Noida home design

The living and the dining room sports a minimalist look. Yet the mirrored panelling behind the dining table gives it a substantial look. Rohit, who loves collecting and displaying artefacts, has enough space in the entertainment unit to do so.

Noida home design

Making use of the blank wall near the kitchen entrance, Megha smartly added a sleek bar unit. This acts as a partition while offering minimum disruption to the flow of traffic in the passageway.

The Red Reel

Noida home design
Noida home design

The kitchen is a fun place to cook in, with its ravenous reds and cosy cappuccinos. The balance of functionality and aesthetics in the design is mesmerising. Despite its narrow layout, the kitchen can easily accommodate three people with ease.

Noida home design

The kitchen also has many open shelves and frosted glass shutters to give it an airy feel. This is crucial in the design as the kitchen is relatively narrow, which can otherwise feel cramped.

Say Yes to Yellow!

Noida home design

Rohit prefers yellow at home as it keeps the vibe lively and positive. The master bedroom is a true testament to this idea. The stunning textured wall makes the room feel energetic and plays well with the white contrast. The jali partition divides the bedroom from the wardrobe and dresser section to give it an appealing and airy feel.

Noida home design

Here too, display units are a great place for Rohit to exhibit his collections. The bright yellow and white combination adds to the exuberance of the room.

Mind-blowing Browns

Noida home design Noida home design Noida home design

Their daughter, Swati’s room is a stunning space with a textured brown wall. It is reminiscent of the rustle of autumn leaves. Although a niche was provided for a wardrobe, it was too small to fit in a slider. Thus, it has been converted to a beautiful study unit and the wardrobe occupies the opposite wall. The full-length mirrored door doubles as a dresser for Swati.

A Subtle Mixture

Noida home design

Since storage was Rohit’s primary requirement, the guest room also houses a vast wardrobe. The walnut bronze shade finishes blends into the all-wood setting of the room.

Divine Tranquility

Noida home design

The study acts as a place of tranquillity with lots of privacy, minimal furniture and a beautiful mandir. The Corian pooja unit has deities engraved on them such that when the lights are switched on, they glow creating a beautiful picture.

Noida home design Noida home design

Sleek, stylish and super functional washroom designs maintain the standard in which the home is done up.

Noida home design

“The Chaturvedis are very understanding and lovely people; it was fun working with them. Our friendship grew during the course of designing their home. So much so that I was invited to attend their housewarming ceremony too.”
— Megha Sobti, Interior Designer, Livspace

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— editor@livspace.com