Everybody dreams of owning a house of their own. The size of that dream home may have decreased in scale from that fairytale palace you wished for as a child, to a more logical, budget-friendly home. However, that wish of having your own house and doing it up the way you want is most likely as strong now as it was when you were five. In today’s times though, buying a home is expensive — and designing it, more so. But everybody deserves to get their dream home, irrespective of budget. So, we got in touch with our experienced designers, Heny Savla and Shubhi Mehrotra for some low budget simple house design tips for first-time homeowners. And here they are!

#1: Refurbish old furniture

low cost house plans with photos-refurbished sofa-blue L shaped sofa-accent wall-centre table
The textured wall acts as a highlight in this room

In Heny’s words, “Bring in memories with the help of furniture that holds some sentimental value.” We all have an old piece of furniture that is dear to us, be it a bed or a small table. Refurbishing old furniture instead of buying something new is a great way to keep your budget low when designing your home. While you can go ahead and retain the traditional look of old furniture, you can also give it a complete makeover for a more contemporary look.

#2: Add lighting

low budget simple house design-lighting-pendant light-chandelier
Get a glam look with lighting

A low-cost hack that our designers swear by is ample lighting. Just like good lighting can make your selfies amazing, proper lighting in your home can make it go from blah to wow. And the best part? It can be as low budget as you want it to be! Opt for budget options like pendant lights, table lamps and simple chandeliers. And trust us when we say that this low-cost hack will make your home look great!

#3: Opt for accent walls and wallpapers

low budget simple house design-accent walls-mirrored accent wall-wallpaper
If you opt for a mirrored accent wall, use pieces of mirrors instead of a single large mirror to bring down the cost

Walls make or break the look of your home. Not everyone is satisfied with plain and simple paint. If you want that extra something to add to the overall design, then accent walls and wallpapers should be your go-to design hack! Wallpapers are a very cost-effective option if you want a patterned or textured look for your walls but within a tight budget. Similarly, instead of throwing all your money into doing up all four walls, create an accent wall and keep the other three walls bare. 

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#4: Splurge only on things you use the most

low cost house plans with photos-sofa-pink sofa
Sofas are amongst the most-used items in a home

One of the smartest low budget simple house design hacks is to know where and how much to spend. You need to know where to splurge and where to save your money. Our designers say that it’s okay to spend on things that you use a lot. Think of it as an investment. So spending a little extra on your bed, sofa or wardrobe makes sense. But save on other aspects like decor and lighting, which typically serve decorative and short-term purposes.

#5: Pick up decor items from thrift shops

low budget simple house design-pendant lights-breakfast bar
These pendant lights are so low-cost!

A home is more than just furniture, walls and wardrobes. The decor is what transforms an apartment into a home. But classy, elegant decor can be expensive. One workaround for this is to refurbish and reuse old decor items. The other option is to visit thrift stores. Thrift and antique shops often have stunning and unique decor pieces at very low rates. Add to it some unbeatable bargaining skills and you can be the proud owner of statement and antique items for as low as Rs100!

#6: Keep it minimal

low cost house plans with photos-minimal bedroom
A minimal bedroom will ensure a clean and elegant look for your space

One mistake that most first-time homeowners make is to overdo things. Overdecorating your home not only looks inelegant but can also be unnecessarily expensive. A simple way to avoid this is to follow the minimal design style. Keep your home design clutter-free and stick to the basics. This is especially important if you have just bought a new home, as you should leave room for future mementoes and decor items.

#7: Use modular furniture

low budget simple house design-modular furniture-modular TV unit-modular study unit
Pops of aqua blue liven up this space!

Furniture can take up a large chunk of your total interior design budget. Heny’s low budget simple house design tip here is to opt for modular furniture, which is a cost-effective solution. Available in a wide variety of colours and designs, modular kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, storage units and other furniture can ensure that you can stick to your budget without compromising on the look that you desire.

#8: Add rugs for a plush look

low cost house plans with photos-carpet-living room-sofa-accent chairs
A plush rug can elevate the look of the most basic interior design

The flooring is often the most overlooked part of a home. But it is one you should pay good attention to if you want a low budget interior design. If you look at hotels and celebrity homes, most of them have luxurious marble flooring with plush rugs. While marble may not be something you want to splurge on, a rug would definitely be within a reasonable price range! You can transform the entire look of your home by placing a fuzzy, luxe rug on the floor.

#9: Avoid too much panelling

low budget simple house design-wall panelling-board and batten-purple sofa-pendant light
The board-and-batten-style wall panelling

Shubhi’s low budget simple house design tip for first-time homeowners is to avoid excessive panelling. There are different types of wall panelling available in the market, like board and batten, shiplap, beadboard and more. However, while wall panelling looks elegant, too much of it can push up your interior design budget. Her hack is to play with wall paints instead. This will help you achieve the look you want without the added cost.

#10: Mix and match materials

low cost house plans with photos-kitchen-acrylic and laminate
There is a mix of acrylic and laminate in this kitchen

The material you use for your cabinets and furniture plays a pivotal role in your total home design budget. While you can definitely opt for low-cost alternatives like laminate, Shubhi’s tip is to mix and match materials. By doing so, you can ensure that even luxurious design is affordable. 

Buying and designing a home can be a daunting task for first-time homeowners. We hope that these low budget simple house design tips from our designers help make the process easy and enjoyable!

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