As far as making impressions go, custom wall and ceiling designs can make the grade instantly and become statement pieces of your stunning and creative home decor. Of all the materials used to create these eye-catching showstoppers, POP design is by far, the most popular.

POP or Plaster of Paris, is a quick-setting plaster made of white powder that hardens when let to dry after mixing with water. You can use POP to make false ceilings and designer trims for home interior designs.

Using POP Interior Design in Home Decor

A typical way to install POP design into any home is by fixing a steel/aluminium/wooden frame to the ceiling and then attaching your mould to the frame. This is a greatly convenient idea for those looking to upgrade existing home decors by adding one or two elements.

POP interior design is also a great way to comply to new vastu findings and encode them in your homes. Let’s take a look at the home POP design ideas that are really making the wave in 2022.

#1: Single-Layered House POP Ceiling Designs

A single layered POP ceiling design is most commonly found in modern homes. Their appearance, however, can be manipulated using many design details and made to blend with the existing interior style.

Modern simple POP design that match the colour scheme of the room
A modern simple POP ceiling design with cove lighting
A square false POP ceiling design with bilateral symmetry to define the room

Modern simple POP design trends include playing with colours, patterns and shapes. Thus, many homeowners choose to play with colours and shapes to add more interest in the otherwise regular POP design.

#2: Layered 3D False Ceiling Designs

There are many reasons to go for POP false ceiling designs, one of them being the 3D spatial definition these ceilings can create within a room.

A 3D POP ceiling design that adds extra seeming height to the room

Also, the various levels perceived by the eye make the POP ceiling design seem higher than it is. So, a 3D POP ceiling design offers a pleasant break from plain, flat ceilings and make the room seem amply bedecked. 

#3: Designer False Ceiling Ideas for Home POP Design

Now, a natural interest is one thing, but if you are aiming to create drama and add personality to your home, choose a designer ceiling for your home POP design.

A dramatic false ceiling design with neon lighting for home pop design
A fun and creative POP design with cove lighting for a kid’s bedroom
A dreamy false ceiling that doubles the illumination in a bedroom

When you add relevant lighting and paint colours to house POP ceiling designs, they lend clarity and add elegance to designer false ceilings. Designers usually prefer cove LED lights and subtle or light paint colours to complement such POP false ceilings.

#4: Extended Modern Simple POP Design in False Ceilings

Extended false ceiling is a simple way to get your ceilings to stand out. For example, this entrance foyer very slyly leads the eyes to the false ceiling above the shoe rack and further directs the vision to the living room POP design.

Entrance false ceiling design ideas that help your ceilings stand out

This is a clever trick that works especially well in the POP panel designs for bedheads and media consoles. It serves by piquing the interest of visitors while also straying from traditional ceiling-only POP ideas. Match the aesthetics of the wall and the ceiling panels to communicate the home POP design effectively.

Extended POP design to escort the attention from walls to the ceilings

We hope we have inspired you with our house pop ceiling designs and made you consider revamping your home this effortlessly.

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