There are different types of plywood in India you can choose from.  Given that all types of plywood can be used as a substitute for wood and  plywood prices are more affordable, this material is in high demand. At Livspace, we use the best plywood for furniture, roofs and flooring. So, are you thinking of opting for plywood sheets but are confused about what are the types of plywood used in interior design, their size and their price? Well, worry not!

Here is a complete rundown on which plywood is best used in homes, the types of plywood for furniture and their prices. So, here is a detailed guide on what you need to know!

What Is Plywood?

Understanding this material can be a little confusing. There are too many plywood types, sizes and prices in the market. We bet you’re wondering why that is. Why so many of them? Is there a marketing plot afoot? If so, Livspace will have no truck with plots. Livspace custom manufactures plywood sheets that are of the best quality (European grade E1). And why are we so particular about our plywood? Watch the video to understand. Get all your answers to what is plywood, what are the different grades and what are the different types of plywood.

Types of Plywood You Can Use in Interiors

There are over 18 types of plywood in India. They are distinguished based on the wood used, application and process. However, the three basic types of plywood used in interior design are — MR (moisture-resistant) ply, BWR (boiling-water-resistant) and BWP (boiling-water-proof) ply also known as marine plywood.

Install a Plywood Type That Is Moisture-Resistant

MR is the best plywood for furniture like beds or cabinets

Also known as commercial ply by local vendors, MR plywood sheets come under types of plywood used in interiors extensively. If you are to ask which is the best plywood for furniture, MR plywood will top that list because it has good resistance to moisture in damp and humid conditions. With a urea formaldehyde resin, it is highly water-resistant. If you need numbers, it can stand exposure to water at 60 degree Celsius for a period of three hours.

Use Boiling-Water-Resistant (BWR) Plywood

BWR sheets are used in kitchen and bathrooms as they are a waterproof plywood type

Among the several options when it comes to the best plywood for furniture, BWR sheets are preferred  for both interiors and exteriors. If you are looking at which plywood is best for cupboard requirements in kitchens and bathrooms, BWR tops the list. It has resistance to boiling water for up to 8 hours. When it comes to exteriors, it is used for wall cladding and staircases due to its water-resistant nature.

Get Durable Interiors with Marine Plywood

Among the many types of plywood for furniture, marine plywood is preferred for its durable nature and superior quality. Also known as Boiling Water Proof Plywood (BWP), Marine Ply can withstand 72 hours of exposure to boiling water. Thus, its applications are found mainly in boat building and industries where exposure to water is high. You might not necessarily need all this proofing, but like the video mentions, such safety standards will give you a peace of mind. So go ahead, install marine plywood in your kitchen and bathroom interiors if your budget permits.

Now that we have talked about the three basic types of plywood, let us talk about some other types of plywoods that can be used in interiors. 

Build Versatile Structures With Flexible Plywood

If you need flexible or curved structures, use flexible plywood

As the name suggests, flexible plywood is a type of plywood that can be bent without breaking. This quality allows flexible plywood to construct unique designs and structures.

Do Your DIY Projects Using Soft Plywood

Make replaceable shelves with soft plywood

Soft plywood is made with douglas, fir or maple tree. This type of plywood commonly for cupboard exteriors, floors, countertops and fences around properties. One can replace them easily in case of wear or tear.

Curate Sturdy Interiors With Hard Plywood

Use hardwood plywood for places that can wear and tear easily

Hard plywood over soft plywood is sturdier. Woods from trees such as red maple and mahogany make its core material. Hard Plywood is considered a premium material and, thus, is on the pricier end. It is used in heavy-duty places such as floors or transportation containers.

Alternate With Tropical Plywood-The Best Plywood for Furniture in Asia

Tropical timber is mostly found in Asia

Made with mixed hardwood species of tropical timber, tropical plywood is mostly manufactured in the Asian region. It adheres to a grading system which determines where it is the most suitable to use.

Make Use of Durable Aircraft Plywood

If you want premium grade material, go for airplane plywood

Also known as airplane plywood, it is a hard plywood or thin birch plywood. It was used during WWII to construct aircraft. Thus, it is a durable material that matches up to premium grade qualities. 

What Is the Best Plywood for Furniture?

Wooden veneer glued together to make plywood sheets

As mentioned in the video, plywood sheets are engineered wood made by glueing together thin veneer sheets with a resin under high pressure. This creates a thick, strong and flexible flat sheet. It is usually preferred over solid wood, as it is cheaper and less likely to warp or shrink in the long run.

Pros & Cons of Using Plywood for Furniture


One of the most versatile and economical materials for home interiors
ConvenienceCan be used easily without damage to planks due to nails
DurabilityLess likely to warp or shrink and is water-resistant
EconomicalCheaper than solid wood
FlexibleAvailable in various sizes, densities and qualities
Eco-friendlyMinimal wastage and can be recycled

Disadvantages of Using Plywood for Furniture:

Requires care while being handled as it can chip easily
ShapeCannot be carved like wood
Delicate MaterialIt can chip and splinter easily
Assessing the QualityQuality cannot be assessed by just looking at it
UsageRequires add-ons like laminates, paint or polish

Prices of the Best Plywood for Furniture Pieces

These sheets can be used for a wide variety of interior and exterior elements

Plywood finds application in many interior elements — from furniture and storage to the walls, floors and ceilings. Plywood is used for making furniture, modular kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. For decorative purposes, laminated plywood can be used as wall cladding, false ceilings and wooden flooring, which can all give your home a cosy look.

Check for the prices to get the best plywood for furniture according to your preference

Plywood prices vary based on different aspects — from the plywood type to the thickness and quality. You might want to consider all this before making a purchase.

  • The usual plywood prices for MR ply start from ₹28 per sq. ft.
  • BWR plywood prices start from ₹48 per sq. ft.
  • BWP or Marine plywood is on the higher end, starting from ₹75 per sq. ft., as its sturdy and waterproof features are better than interior-grade ply

** Prices are indicative of market rates and can vary.

Check for These Specifications When Picking the Best Plywood for Furniture

Plywood sheets come in 3ply, 5ply and multi-ply

Plywood Thicknesses

Ply means layer. The thickness of the sheet is determined by the ply. More ply creates a thicker and stronger board. The minimum number of plies are 3ply and can go up to 5 or more. Plywood with fewer plies are thinner and weaker, even if they’re of the same thickness.

  • 3ply: These sheets are 2 to 3 mm thick and are the most common type of plywood used in interiors
  • 5ply: This plywood sheet is the most versatile option that is 4 mm thick. This type of plywood works great for indoor and outdoor furniture and decorative boards
  • Multi-ply: This plywood sheet has 7 or more layers. It is the best plywood for furniture and durable enough for permanent structures like roofing

Plywood Grades

Looking for the best plywood for furniture pieces? Look out for plywood types and grades. Plywood sheets often come with grades that can determine their quality and appearance. These grades and qualities also play a major role in plywood prices.

  • A-grade: The best plywood for furniture pieces and cabinets, A-grade plywood has a smooth and sanded surface with minor defects. These qualities will reflect in the plywood prices.
  • B-grade: This grade of plywood is similar to the A-grade variety with a few knots; however, the defects can go up to 1 inch across.
  • C-grade: This grade is unsanded with minor knots and defects like discolouration. They are ideal for structures where appearance is not important. These are used as laminated plywood by carpenters sometimes.
  • D-grade: Similar to C-grade, D-grade plywood is unsanded and has snags that have not been repaired. These account for the cheapest plywood prices.

Plywood Sizes

Standard plywood sheets are pre-cut to reduce waste

Buying these wood veneer sheets is comparatively easy. When you purchase a plywood sheet, you know exactly what size you’re getting because they are available in standard measurements. Moreover, they are pre-cut to reduce waste. The most popular and common dimensions are 4 × 8 ft. Another popular option is 5 × 5 ft. When it comes to thickness, plywood commonly has a thickness of 1/2 an inch. However, you can get a variety that ranges from 1/8th to 3/4th inch in thickness.

***Colours and finishes are subject to availability. Please check with your nearest Livspace store to check availability.

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