The right flooring type for your home can help achieve the style you’re going for and increase its overall value. To find the best one then, it is important to compare and contrast the options available in the market. Vitrified tiles vs. granite, for example, compare with each other because homeowners prefer them as flooring types for homes. Here’s a small guide on how the two flooring choices fare in categories such as cost, durability and style.

Vitrified Tiles vs Granite: What are Vitrified Tiles?

Non-porous vitrified tiles are easy to clean, making them the among best flooring for houses as well as the outdoors 

Vitrified tiles fall in the category of ceramic tiles and are virtually non-porous. They’re resistant to frost and water, which makes them a great pick for the outdoors.

Vitrified Tiles vs Granite: What is Granite?

The grainy texture of granite adds a rustic edge

Unlike vitrified tiles, which are man made, granite is a naturally formed rock. It displays a grainy texture and comes in a variety of colours depending on the minerals that led to its formation.

Vitrified Tiles vs Granite: Drawing Comparisons

If you want homogeneous looks for your interiors, go for vitrified tiles

Vitrified tiles give a look of homogeneity to the eye in pattern and colour because they’re artificially constructed. Granite, on the other hand, is formed in nature and so displays unique gradations and changes in colour and pattern. 

Vitrified tiles are naturally water-resistant, but granite requires an additional layer of sealant to make it water-resistant. However, granite is often preferred for its rich colours and pigmented finish. 

As far as vitrified tiles vs. granite is concerned, here are a few more factors to consider:

Vitrified Tiles vs Granite: Cost

Granite is also grand as an outdoor flooring option

Among the most popular flooring types out there, vitrified tiles are decidedly less costly when compared to granite. These ceramic tiles are produced in bulk and available as tiles that can be cut down to size of your own preference. 

Granite is the more expensive of the two because it’s a natural stone and is harder to source. Homeowners must also factor in the cost of installation because granite is so heavy, it often needs a sub-flooring for support.

Vitrified Tiles vs Granite: Durability

vitrified tile-kitchen flooring-acrylic kitchen
Water-resistant tiles are the perfect kitchen flooring option!

Strong and resistant to water, frost and spill, vitrified tiles are perfect for the kitchen. This means there’s no need to worry about the growth of fungus or bacteria. They also hold up well under harsh sunlight and don’t fade. However, vitrified tiles do need extra care to prevent flaking; heavy objects falling on the surface may cause chip dents that can’t be filled in.

Granite as a flooring type has a timeless quality, even after heavy use, and is one of the hardest natural stones we know. When sealed, it becomes highly resistant to stains, heat, acids and water, making it a smart choice for bathrooms and kitchens. However, the surface tends to become quite slippery when wet and is extremely tough, both of which can lead to injury if someone falls. 

Vitrified Tiles vs Granite: Style

Subtle texture adds to the grandeur

Vitrified tiles present a uniform surface in terms of colour and hue, which means having an evenly coloured surface is easier. Since it’s made  artificially, there is a lot more variety in pattern, texture and warmth. 

However, the natural inflexions in granite make it lavish and become a unique focal point. While the colour scheme might be limited, the mix of minerals in the surface adds subtle texture. 

In the end, the winner of the flooring types battle depends on the look you’re going for. Granted, vitrified tiles are the more economical of the two, but granite gives off the luxe appeal that can’t be beaten!

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