Colour is more than aesthetics. It stands for moods, emotions, social contexts and so much more. Colour is silent but it speaks louder than words. And colour is what defines Indian homes the most. Interior house colours are not only an integral part of the design process for any home, they are something homeowners keep coming back to every time they repaint (ideally between three and five years).

So if you’re moving into a new home or getting your home painted, let these latest trends in wall paint for 2022 guide your way!

Interior House Colours Trend #1: Pantone: Very Peri

Use Very Peri in your kids room

Just like our clothes, it is desirable for our homes also to reflect the mood of this year. The mood this year, aptly expressed in the latest paint colors, is to embrace new possibilities and open ourselves up to a new and altered reality. So the Pantone paint colour this year is Very Peri, a rich shade of periwinkle blue with vivid undertones of red.

How to use this paint trend in 2022?

The obvious way to use this wall paint colour would be to opt for furnishings in this shade or even have a periwinkle blue accent wall. Very Peri is amongst the best interior house colours for your child’s bedroom. You can go for periwinkle walls or choose quirky furniture in this shade. The options are limitless. 

Home Interior Colour Trend #2: A Fresh Green

Layer green with some fresh potted plants

With the onset of the pandemic in 2020, we all wanted a hint of greenery in our interiors. Moreover, we want our home to be a space where we feel cared for and healthy. This gave birth to the popularity of the colour green, which continues to be a much-in-demand home colour in 2022 as well. Green has an element of nurturing in it that will make your home feel like a safe and peaceful haven.

How to use this paint trend in 2022?

Among the trending colors for home design in 2022, green should be primarily used as an accent wall and matched with soft furnishings. You can add the terrazzo texture to it and pair it up with tall plants like monstera or fig, which are a favourite with millennials. Interior house colours in green look best when it has a rustic finish, so rattan cane or woven furniture will look great with it.

Interior House Colours Trend #3: Earthy Shades for a Sustainable Home

Earthy shades in rustic finishes are among the trending colours for house interiors

Almost two years of curtailed movement and working from home (for most of us) has snowballed some changes in our mindset. The last two years were replete with images of how animals ventured out of hiding while we were locked at home, how visibility improved as emissions reduced and water bodies were cleaner. As environmentalists would put it, the planet healed itself. And so should our homes. Thus, earthy shades and picking a rustic house colour will rule the roost this year in keeping with the sentiment of sustainability. Articles

How to use this paint trend in 2022?

Rich browns, rusty reds and other earth-coloured  shades can be used as a home colour, either for accent walls or to paint a corner. Plants and woven textures like jute and rattan go very well with this colour. Also, using natural fabrics like linen will match the sustainable vibe of this colour. Moreover, red oxide flooring is bound to make a comeback to complement walls in earthy shades 

Home Interior Colour Trend #4: Fresh Colours Like Powder Blue, Peach and Olive

You should always add a pop of fresh and energetic hues as a house colour
Choose a refreshing shade of blue that adds a soothing vibe to your home

Our homes have adapted just as much as we have in the last two years. They have had to turn into workspaces, virtual classrooms, cafes, movie theatres and makeshift restaurants! Multifunctional spaces like our homes require a dose of high-octane interior house colours. Bright shades of peach, powder blues and olive greens will give your home the necessary amount of energy to turn it into what you need it to be.  

How to use this paint trend in 2022?

Ideally, you should use these pop colours to paint your workspace, study area or the multifunctional areas of your home. These bright paints can be used to mark our zones without adding partitions. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you can also use a bright home interior colour to paint your balcony or terrace.

Interior House Colours Trend #5: A Shade of Irish Coffee for Contentment

Pair coffee-coloured walls with other neutrals

It won’t be too far off the mark that the last two years changed our outlook to life and value systems forever. This change is also reflected in our behaviour and consumption patterns. A conscious decision to consume less and use only those things that hold some personal value to us results in a feeling of contentment. And what is more satisfying than a mug of hot coffee! Hence, the colour of Irish coffee is amongst the latest paint colors that will be seen on our walls in abundance this year.

How to use this paint trend in 2022?

Mocha or Irish coffee is amongst the muted neutral interior house colours when it comes to the latest trends in wall paint. Thus, you can use it to paint your walls all over. You can also highlight some walls or areas with a darker shade of coffee or brown. Wooden furniture, terracotta decor items, linen and earthy elements go very well with this colour.

Home Interior Colour Trend #6: Bottle Green for Tolerance and Inclusiveness 

Deep green wall paint will always work well with pastels

These are turbulent times when the world, at large, is being pulled in a million different directions. On one hand, environmentalists are pressuring governments as well as corporates to act in favour of preserving the planet and on the other, the pandemic is putting businesses and people out of work. And Gen Z is all for supporting these causes even if it is mostly through hashtags. A spirit of inclusiveness and tolerance is what the youth identifies with. And this deep shade of green is amongst the trending colors for home interiors that symbolises its essence perfectly.  

How to use this paint trend in 2022?

Bottle green is a very dark shade, so use it only in rooms that receive a lot of natural light. Also, use it in parts; stripes of bottle green can break up the monotony of any space. It is pivotal, though, to light up your spaces with ambient and task lighting if you’re using this colour. Interior house colours in a vibrant bottle green are best paired with pastels or peppy shades like orange and yellow. 

Interior House Colours Trend #7: All-White Walls for the Perfect Backdrop

White is an evergreen shade that will never go out of fashion

Amongst the latest trends in wall paint is white, the one colour that will never go out of fashion. Nothing beats white walls for their versatility. You can pair white walls with almost anything. So if you want to play it safe, go for all white walls and use furniture, furnishings and decor to add the element of colour to your home.  

How to use this paint trend in 2022?

This year, use white walls as a backdrop for vibrant yellows, warm reds and serene blues. Use a smattering of green plants in this mix and let the decor and soft furnishings add textures and patterns to your space. 

Now that you know the trending interior house colours for 2022, also find out the cost of painting your home per sq. ft.

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