Bathrooms are our personal sanctuaries. Thus, it makes sense to consider vastu for bathroom, before building a new one or renovating an old one. Making use of vastu tips for bathroom can help you cut back on negative energies. Toilet vastu can also help create a more inviting space. So, we have compiled a way to help you design your bathroom as per vastu, without spoiling its aesthetics. Here’s why vastu for bathroom is important.

Why is Vastu for Bathroom Important?

Keep the toilet position as per vastu to let lady luck in

In India, homeowners are open to Vastu Shastra and its principles—not just in bathrooms. Believers feel that it is a sure way of attracting luck and prosperity. It is also important for real estate agents as the Indian consumer market prefers a vastu dosha free home for purchase.

What Is the Best Direction Bathroom Direction as Per Vastu?

North-west corner is considered the ideal bathroom position as per vastu

Our experts advise that the toilet be built in the north-west direction of the house. Also make sure that the bathroom is not in the centre of the home as that can bring in more negative energy. For toilet vastu, we recommend the lid to be closed at all times, except when in use.

How to Correct Your Vastu for Bathroom?

If you already have a defective toilet vastu, it may seem disheartening. Worry not! You can still look into rectifying your toilet as per vastu. Do you realise now that your direction for toilet as per vastu is wrong? Below are a few ways to rectify the same.

Toilet Vastu for South Direction:

Pick a red, pink or white bathroom colour as per vastu in a south facing bathroom

A bathroom in the southern direction makes you vulnerable to bad reputation (and we aren’t all Taylor Swift, right?). So, one way to proceed is to fix the direction of toilet seat according to vastu. We recommend changing the toilet seat to a south-west direction. Moreover, keep some salt in the bathroom and replace it every week to absorb negative energies.

Vastu for Bathroom in East Direction:

Use bamboo décor items to accommodate Vastu Shastra for a toilet that is east-facing

Vastu Shastra for bathroom dictates that an east-facing toilet can affect your children. Thus, to fix it, we recommend using light earthy tones and green vastu colour for bathroom. Also make sure that your toilet seat is facing north to south direction.

What Are Some Important Vastu Tips for Bathroom?

You might have noticed that your toilet position as per vastu is not correct or your bathroom position as per vastu is not aligned. This is not a topic to fret on! Here are some tips to help you fix vastu for bathroom and toilet to make a better flow of energy in your house.

#1: Pick a Wooden Door for Bathroom As Per Vastu

Make sure to keep the door in the middle of the bathroom

A toilet as per vastu should always have wooden doors. According to vastu shastra for toilet, metal doors foster negativity in what should be a positive space; it could also have a bad effect on health. Even when not in use, the bathroom door should be kept closed, as this prevents any negative energy from permeating the rest of your home.

#2: Don’t Have Shared Walls

Don’t share the wall with high-footfall rooms

According to bathroom as per vastu, the walls of a bathroom shouldn’t be shared with the pooja room, kitchen or bedroom. This is because traditionally, these are high-footfall, positive spaces. However, in many compact homes, en-suite bathrooms are built in such a way that they have a common wall or two. In such a case, changing the position of your bed such that it doesn’t recline against the bathroom wall is your best bet to avoid negative energy.

#3: Check Toilet Direction As Per Vastu

The commode should always be in the western or north-western corner

Special attention must be paid to the toilet direction as per vastu – it must always be in the western or north-western direction so that toxins leave the body better and faster.

#4: Keep the Shower and Bathtub Vastu-Compliant

All outlets except commode should be in the eastern or northern corners

The washbasin, shower and shower area of a bathroom needs to be placed in the eastern, north-eastern or northern corners. If you are thinking of installing a bathtub, pick one with rounded edges – it is both child-friendly and vastu-compliant. Also, make sure that you keep it in the west or the north-east direction. Similarly, the outlets for water drainage must also be placed to facilitate the movement of unhygienic materials and hasten the process of purification. Thus, the north, east or the north-east direction works best for it.

#5: Construct Electrical Fixtures in Bathroom Direction As Per Vastu

Place your geysers in the south-east directions

Hair dryers and geysers need to be installed in the south-east direction according to vastu for bathroom. If you are planning to make your bathroom into a makeshift utility room, place the washing machine in the south-east or the north-west direction.

#6: Choose A Bathroom Colour As Per Vastu

Lighter colours are good for vastu & for an illusion of space

The interiors of a bathroom, according to bathroom vastu principles, are best done up in beige, cream and browns. Earthy shades work well to maintain the space as a sanctuary. It is best to steer clear of darker colours, especially black. Not only do these allow negative energy, but they also make a compact space like a bathroom look smaller and more cramped than they are.

#7: Place Mirrors on Northern Walls

Opt for square and rectangular mirrors

The placement of the mirror is integral to ensuring a bathroom ensures positivity and attract the right fortunes. Vastu principles dictate that mirrors in the bathroom are best placed on a northern or an eastern wall. This way it’s away from the darkness and best at reflecting natural light. Square and rectangular mirrors are your best bet, and they should be arranged at least 4 to 5 feet off the floor.

#8: Be Mindful of Your Decor Items

Do not place any religious symbols or deities in the bathroom

Any type of religious symbols or deities are considered unlucky to be kept in the bathroom. You can hang paintings or bring in some seashells in the bathroom for decor. Avoid bringing too many candles as it represents fire energy – starkly opposed to the water energy in the bathroom. Also avoid prosperity paintings in the bathroom as it may affect your finances adversely.

#9: Re-consider Window Placement in Bathrooms

Always have a window for ventilation

Besides the right bathroom direction as per vastu, a window should be available in the bathroom for better ventilation. It will help the negative energies to keep moving. Make sure the window opens towards the east, north or west direction in the bathroom. Also, the windows should open outwards. If you do not have a window, your exhaust must be pointed in the north-east or east direction.

#10: Make Your Bathroom Flooring Vastu-Compliant

Use tiles to make your toilet flooring according to bathroom vastu

When it comes to flooring, keep in mind that the bathroom floor should be made elevated from the rest of the house. Avoid using marble flooring. Instead, opt for tiles when choosing a flooring material. Also, choose lighter shades of colours for your bathroom floor.

#11: Bring in Some Vastu Recommended Greenery

Pick plants that can thrive in a humid environment

Now that we have figured out toilet direction as per vastu, it is time to bring in some greenery to the space. According to vastu, money plant is a great hit because it can thrive in a humid environment and is also vastu-friendly. You can also opt for snake plants and aloevera.

Extra Pointers to Counter Vastu Dosha

  • Always keep salt in your bathroom to absorb negative energies. Make sure to throw them out and replace the salt after the end of each week.
  • Stray clear from clutter. Clutter accumulates negative energy.
  • Replace any broken glasses or toiletries immediately.
  • Separate the bath and the toilet. This is to ensure minimum negative energy transfer to you while bathing
  • Love listening to music while taking a shower? We are here to tell you that vastu recommends it too. It is easier to relax with some music so make sure you keep the south-east corner reserved for your music system.

A good vastu for bathroom, when used correctly, ensures that your bathroom is full of positive energy, is well-maintained and attracts good fortune and health at all times. You can also, take a look at how to make bathrooms safe for the elderly?

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