Many traditional beliefs hold that each home comes with an energy type, and vastu dictates how to make that energy positive and fulfilling for family members. If you’re building an independent house or have a staircase within your apartment, the principles of staircase vastu can bring balance into your home.

Staircase Vastu Tip #1: Build Staircases in the South or the West

Vastu-approved staircase designs to bring in good luck

According to the stair direction as per vastu principles, these structures must be built in the southern or western part of the house. Both these directions are said to bring good health and prosperity. The stairs should begin from the north and move the southward direction or east towards the west. If there is a lack of space, turns can be taken into the other sides as long as the general direction is correct.

Vastu for Staircase Tip #2: Use Light Colours

Bright colours spread positivity as per staircase vastu

Ideally, staircases need to be painted in light colours. Pastel yellows, pinks, off-whites and blues are a pleasant visual sight but also induce positive energy into the space. Red and black are colours that should be completely avoided because they are considered by vastu shastra to channel negative energy.

Staircase as per Vastu Tip #3: Keep the Staircase to the Side

The ideal positioning of a staircase as per vastu is to the side

The staircase location as per vastu principles should be placed along the sides. Staircases in the centre of the house are considered to heavily tax the house and drain its energy. By keeping it off to the side, you’re allowing energy to flow around without loopholes.

Staircase Vastu Tip #4: Avoid Spiral Staircases

white-staircase-neutral-dining table-wallpaper-designs
Choose contemporary alternatives to spiral staircase

Spiral staircases are tempting in terms of design but vastu principles dictate that they’re quite like a corkscrew — boring through the energy of the house. In addition to this, spiral staircases are considered to be imbalanced and irregular. This can affect the energy in the home in a similar manner.

Vastu for Staircase Tip #5: Stick to Odd Numbers of Steps

Systematic planning as per staircase vastu will bring happiness

According to the vastu for staircases, these structures should have an odd number of steps — 9, 11, 15 and 21. These numbers are the most auspicious for the home. Some experts say that the number of steps shouldn’t end with a zero — easily avoided by sticking to odd numbers.

Staircase as per Vastu Tip #6: Keep Staircases Away From the Brahmasthan

The staircase should not block positive energies flowing from the Brahmasthan

The Brahmasthan is the holiest part of the house. It radiates limitless energy and exists in the centre of a home. According to vastu, this significant portion should be kept empty and free of any structure because it is the root of energy that is dispersed through the home. So any kind of construction, like a staircase, in the middle of a home blocks the positive energy that makes a home warm and cheerful. Therefore, to avoid blocking this energy, there shouldn’t be any staircases or pillars and beams in the area. As a rule of thumb, it’s ideal to keep obstructive structures outside a 1.5-metre circumference.

Staircase Vastu Tip #7: Keep the Living Room Clutter-free

Neat and tidy with a staircase tucked into a corner

Since living rooms are where people gather to enjoy and have conversations, it should be kept clutter-free. Avoid creating an unfavourable impression both visually and physically. Consequently, vastu experts consider staircases a disruptive structure so, unless they’re off to the side, they can’t be constructed in the living room as they will drain the positive energy in the space.

Moreover, as a healing art, vastu and its principles allow homes to radiate boundless positive energy and attract prosperity and happiness. By aligning elements of a home according to its principles, homeowners can allow radiant energy to flow through all spaces.

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