The bedroom is one of those rooms at home where one expects to relax and get sound sleep after a tough day at work. Vastu shastra is based on the flow of cosmic energy within a space to improve living conditions and promote harmony. Moreover colours play a major role in every bedroom. These 6 Vastu-approved Bedroom Colours will help harness the right kind of energy. If applied correctly, it can help individuals live in a positive environment at home.

Directions for every room

Master Bedroom: It should be in the south-west corner of the home
Kid’s Bedroom: The west-facing room should be the children’s room
Guest Bedroom: East-facing rooms should be guest rooms
Study Room: South-east corner should be assigned for studying and working

Now that you are familiar with the vastu for bedroom directions, you can welcome home good vibes with these simple vastu tips for your bedroom:

Vastu for bedroom tip #1: Direction of the master bedroom

South-West corner of the home is ideal for master bedroom

According to vastu shastra experts, the ideal direction to build the master bedroom is the South-West corner of the home. Never consider building the master bedroom in the North-East direction because it is reserved for the pooja room. Similarly, the South-East direction is not ideal as it is governed by “agni”, leading to quarrels and misunderstandings between couples.

Coming to the entrance to the bedroom, the door should either be in the north, west, or east side of the walls. The door should never be on the south-side wall. Single doors are ideal for a bedroom.

Vastu for bedroom tip #2: Placement of the bed

Avoid irregularly shaped beds

Never place the bed exactly opposite to the door. It is best to sleep with your head towards the South or the East direction. This sleeping direction will make sure that you get sound sleep and ensures a long life. There should not be any beam crossing over the bed. Also, make sure the shape of your bed is regular. Avoid any irregular shapes.

Vastu for bedroom tip #3: Wardrobes and Almirahs

Cupboards should be placed in the South, South-West or West direction

Correct placement of furniture in the bedroom is essential to make you feel at home. Vastu for bedroom suggests that you should place heavy objects like cupboards and almirahs in the South, South-West or West direction. Try placing the safe towards the South wall and make sure it opens towards the North. This will prove to be very auspicious. You can also place wardrobes in the north-west direction as it is second in line. These directions increase the flow of positive energy.

Keep in mind that one should not place mirrors on the doors of a wardrobe or almirah as it may reflect negative energy. However, you can have them in the case of a compact bedroom, just make sure the mirror doesn’t reflect the bed as it might bring bad luck to the person using the room. Articles

Vastu for bedroom tip #4: Mirror placement

Vastu Shastra says that mirrors shouldn’t reflect your body when you are sleeping

A dressing table placed next to the bed is auspicious as it guarantees that the mirror will not reflect your body when you are sleeping. The mirror should be placed four to five feet above the ground, according to vastu. Another thing to keep in mind is that no two mirrors should be placed opposite to each other as it can attract negative energies.  

Vastu for bedroom tip #5: Electronic Gadgets and TV

Energies from gadgets tend to disturb one’s sleep

It is best to avoid televisions and appliances in the bedroom, since these tend to send out energies that can disturb your sleep. But, if you cannot avoid having a TV in your room, make sure that they occupy the South-East direction.

Vastu for bedroom tip #6: Do’s and Don’ts for a master bedroom

Have a family portrait or flowers to enhance the positive vibes


  • Just like a door to opportunities, the door to your bedroom should open at ninety degrees. Make sure that it does not make any creaky sounds and opens smoothly.
  • According to vastu, the colours that are suitable for the bedroom are light rose, grey, blue and green.
  • The first thing in your line of sight should be a pleasant object, like a family portrait or flowers that enhance positive vibes.


  • Do not place the bed right across the bathroom and keep the bathroom door shut at all times.
  • Avoid having bedrooms in the centre of the house.
  • Ensure you do not place a mirror exactly opposite to the bed. This can cause health problems.

Vastu for bedroom tip #7: Designing a kid’s bedroom

Light blue is an ideal colour for kids’ bedroom

Children bedroom vastu is disregarded oftentimes. This room is equally, if not more, important than the other rooms in order to foster a loving and nurturing environment for a child. These tips will help your child to attract good dreams and more:

Direction of a kid’s bedroom and furniture

The children’s room should be in the west direction while the door is east facing. Furthermore, you should place the bed in the west or south-west corner of the room to bring in good health and fortune. The study desk should face the west or south-west direction while the bookshelf is placed in the north-west direction.

Vastu-compliant colours

Green, light blue, purple and yellow are ideal colours for a kid’s bedroom. Bright colours add positivity and encourage children to be active. These colours enhance cognitive abilities like concentration and attention.

Materials to use in a kid’s bedroom

A kid’s room should be made of natural materials such as wood. All furniture must be light coloured. Try to avoid metal frame beds and furniture since these could  attract negative vibes and disrupt vastu.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Do not place mirrors in front of the bed as they can harness nightmares
  • Avoid dark colour furniture, wallpaper or paint 
  • Keep electronics at a minimum as they emit harmful radiation and induce stress
  • Get rid of creaking and damaged furniture immediately

Vastu for bedroom tip #8: The guest bedroom

Beams shouldn’t be running over the bed

Guest bedrooms should be vastu-compliant as well. Because this room accommodates guests, a correct vastu arrangement will avoid any negative energy and ensure that the room brims with positivity.   

The ideal location for a guest room is the northwest. Avoid the southwest direction as it is meant for the owner of the house or the head of the family. As for the bed placement, the south or west part of the room is preferred. The south is the ideal sleeping direction i.e. the head should be towards the south. Ensure that there is no beam running over the bed.

Finally, all the electronic items such as television should go on the south-eastern wall of the room.

For the Feng Shui Believers

Don’t worry, believers of Feng Shui, we have got you covered too. Here are some basic tips to Feng Shui your bedroom:

  • The best colours for a bedroom depends on its purpose. Choose earthy and neutral colours for relaxation and support and blues and greens for healing and energy. 
  • Your bed should be in the centre of the room and not directly in line with the door. 
  • For stability, the head of the bed should be against the wall, leaving the other three sides free. You can place nightstands on either side of the bed for symmetry. 
  • Avoid storing things under the bed. Feng Shui says that the things kept under your bed can create subconscious blocks in your life. 
  • Opt for dim lighting as it will help you relax.
  • Avoid electronics and gadgets in the bedroom as it causes distractions.

You can learn more about feng shui and how it is different from Vastu Shastra here: What is the Difference Between Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui?

Follow the simple rules of Vastu Shastra and you will never face problems at home. Keeping the above tips in mind can go a long way in promoting a harmonious relationship among members of the family.

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