The best kitchen and wardrobe finishes are not only about well-developed design but also about longevity and reliability. The types of wardrobe finishes and kitchen finishes determine how they look, as well as how they hold up to wear and tear. However, picking kitchen and wardrobe finishes can be a tough job when the market presents you several options such as laminates for wardrobes, PU finish wardrobe and other types of wood finishes. We’re here to help you pick the right kitchen and wardrobe finishes for your home!

What Are Wardrobe Finishes?

Here at Livspace, we’ve had a lot of experience making your interiors functional with modern storage options. Thus, we understand how important it is to make functionality meet aesthetics in your interiors. Also, kitchen and wardrobe finishes can make or break your home interiors in terms of durability and aesthetics. The decision, of course, is in your hands, but our job is to give you an impartial overview of the different types of wardrobe finishes and kitchen finishes in the market. For all your FAQs on finishes, including cost estimates, take a look at the video above.

Best Types of Kitchen and Wardrobe Finishes

#1: Get Budget-Friendly Laminates for Wardrobes and Laminates for Kitchen

Customise your interior finishes on the go with laminates

Whether we’re talking about a laminate finish wardrobe or laminates for the kitchen, laminate is one of the most economical options, as the video mentions. There are a plethora of colours and textures that you can choose from, so you can choose which laminate is best for your wardrobe and kitchen. 

The best laminates for wardrobes and kitchens are durable and easy to maintain, making them ideal for everyday-use furniture. Also, they are highly resistant to scratches, meaning you might get away with using them in kitchens, children’s rooms or walk-in wardrobes. 

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#2: Choose Easy to Maintain Acrylic Finish for Wardrobes and Kitchens

It’s all about glam with acrylic finish wardrobe

Acrylic is one of the most premium finishes for wardrobes and kitchens in terms of cost. The glazed finish that you get from this material is glamorous and also easy to maintain. So, it is best to not use acrylic on high touch surfaces as it is prone to collecting fingerprints. However, worry not! You can easily wipe it down clean.

#3: Go Au Naturel With a Membrane Finish

We heard you love easy to maintain materials with a long shelf life

If you are going for a natural look for your wardrobe or your kitchen, then opt for a membrane finish. Available in wooden, matte and glossy finishes, it is one of the most popular finishes in the market. It is also water and weatherproof. 

#4: Win Flexibility and Durability With a PU Finish Wardrobe and Kitchen

A PU finish wardrobe or kitchen is painted to provide further protection from wear and tear

This solvent-based product creates a high-sheen finish when used for closet doors. It has a spectrum of sheen levels, from matte to high gloss, giving you a window for further customisation.

A PU finish wardrobe or kitchen is extremely durable and doesn’t react to abrasives or acids. The glossy finish suits any style of design, from contemporary to old school. It creates a clear coating over the surface, making it durable and heat-resistant.

#5: Opt for a Veneer Wardrobe Finish if You Want More Options

Keep your designs flexible with deep, dark veneer finishes

On a tight budget to afford any types of wood finishes? Veneer can be your saviour! The term veneer is the term used for thin slices or panels of wood that are fixed onto sturdier platforms. Veneer strengthens the core material, making your wardrobe facade less likely to warp or develop cracks. That makes it easy to care for. Also, a veneer-finish wardrobe design is easy to work with, making it a popular pick among homeowners. It’s best for wardrobes that have curves or rounded edges.

#6: Explore Wardrobe Designs With a Mirror Finish

Expand the space by using mirrors

A material that does as much aesthetically as it does finish-wise, mirrors are increasingly becoming one of the go-to closet finishes to use. Thus, mirrors open up the room and reflect ambient light to make it seem more spacious. Due to this, mirrors work extremely well in compact homes or cramped spaces.

Also, mirrors can be cut into different shapes and they can be used with different core materials. This negates the need for additional mirrors in the room, making your wardrobe functional in more ways than one. Moreover, it’s easy to maintain, too. You can just clean it with a glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

#7: Add Elegance to Your Home Interiors With a Glass Wardrobe 

Maintain an air of charm with glass wardrobes

Wardrobes with glass shutters are a trending choice as they provide an elegant and open look. Glass finishes are available in many options. You can go for an opaque lacquered glass finish which ensures privacy or choose more transparent options like the one you see above.

However, the more transparent the glass, the more it demands constant maintenance (not just clean, Monica clean!). But, why do we love glass finish wardrobes? Glass is quite easy-to-maintain and is less likely to wear or tear. However, they can be an expensive choice for wardrobe finish.  

Here is a table summary to help you pick out the best kitchen and wardrobe finishes for your home interiors.

Laminate DurableEasy to maintain
Prone to damage
Easy to maintain
Provides a premium look
Prone to collecting fingerprints
Water and weatherproof
Prone to discolouration (upon exposure to sunlight)
PU PaintDurable 
Prone to chipping
VeneerNatural material
Not resistant to heat
GlassPlush and airy lookLack of privacy
MirrorAesthetically pleasing
Creates an illusion of space

Now that you know all about wardrobe finishes and laminates for the kitchen, pick what suits you the best. Also, learn How to Design the Wardrobe You Need.

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