Our reader’s corner section features questions from our readers and provides insights on all topics related to home design, home keeping, and interiors. One reader had this question about using living room mirrors.

This edition’s question:

“Recently, I visited a friend’s place and saw a beautiful mirror that she’d placed in her living room. I’d love to hang one in mine, but I don’t know how to go about it. What kind of mirror should I buy and where should I place it?”

– Priyanka Arora, Delhi

We don’t always count living room mirrors as a decor option for the living room. Instead, we often visualise mirrors in bedrooms and bathrooms, where they serve the primary function of a looking glass. But the right decorative mirrors for living spaces can act as a lovely addition, adding character and finesse to the most visible space in your home. Here are our tips on choosing mirror wall decor for living room interiors and where you can place them:

#1: Place Living Room Mirrors Opposite a Window

Reflect the natural light coming from the window into your living room

One of the more popular and useful mirror ideas of beautifying your space is by hanging large decorative mirrors for living room interiors on the wall opposite the window. Additionally, It reflects light and gives the illusion of space. You can also take inspiration from the living room of this  Livspace home in the image above and go with an entire mirror wall decor for living rooms.

#2: Hang Mirror Wall Decor for Living Room Interiors above the Console

Enhance the look of the mantel by hanging a mirror above it

Consoles are not common in Indian homes unless you own a heritage home or a mansion. If you do have a console, hang circular or rectangular decorative mirrors for living room spaces above it, instead of going with the more traditional idea of hanging an oil painting. Just make sure to choose mirrors and their frames according to your decorating theme.

#3: Apply Your Living Room Mirror Ideas to the Foyer

Dazzle anyone who walks into your house with your living room mirror ideas

Placing a mirror near the main entryway or the hallway can make for a dramatic entrance into the living space. Also, the wall mirrors for living room spaces that you choose should be in proportionate size to the area. You can even use small decorative mirrors.

#4: Keep Your Living Room Mirrors Inclined in a Corner

Brighten up your corners with these large decorative mirrors for living room interiors

One of the trendier ways of adding a large living room mirror is to have it inclined in the corner of the room. This works especially well in small studio apartments. The mirror takes minimal space but refines the setting and even acts as a dressing mirror in a pinch. Choose large decorative mirrors for living room interiors or at least ones that are generously proportioned.

#5: Use Accent Wall Mirrors for Living Room Interiors

A traditional large living room mirror acts as an accent piece

A clever way to use living room mirrors is to place a selection of differently shaped mirrors in varying sizes on a hand-painted wall. This little move will help you create an eclectic accent wall effortlessly. Or, you can go the other way and use one large wall mirror like in the Livspace home.

Do consider these tips for your living room. Make sure that the mirror enriches the general aesthetics of your space and brightens up the decor tastefully. So go on and make your friends’ heads turn next time they visit! Incorporate Patterns Into Your Living Room! will further help you  understand which mirror shape will work best for your home!

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