Home is where the comfort is. The elegance of your spacious, smart and modular home might be fairly tough to combine with your budget, but this is not the case with this 4-room BTO design Tampines Street. This BTO Design embodies the principle that “smart is beautiful” and was created to meet the demands of today’s demanding lifestyles. Let’s see how the spacious décor of this Tampines home is both aesthetically and functionally pleasing while still being within budget!


Who Livs here: Sheikh, his wife and two kids

Location: Tampines Street 

Type of home: 4-room HDB BTO

Design team: Interior designer Kayle and business manager Shim

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: $$$$

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To create a smart and spacious 4-room BTO Design at Tampines  that’s perfect for a family with kids

What we loved
One of the bedrooms was hacked to create a bigger common area where the family can enjoy their time together. 

Look out for
– The mirror that conceals the bomb shelter and storage within
– The waterfall quartz countertop design in the kitchen and bathroom

Smart Buy
Smart devices and appliances to add comfort as well as a level of automation to the home

We Wanted an Open, Airy Living Room Where We Can Spend Family Time Together in our 4-Room Flat Design

A smart home with smart lights, thermostats and sound bars
A spacious and airy living room is all you need for a good family time

As the pictures say, this entire 4-room BTO Design at Tampines Street is dressed in neutrals and is light on eyes. The taupe L-shaped sofa was worked around by Livspace’s designer Kayle to produce a tranquil environment. The wooden flooring adds to the lushness of this living room design.

The TV wall serves as the living room’s centre point. It contains a good amount of open shelves for convenience and storage, just as the homeowners requested. It is appealing and useful, and it comes in a glamorous green hue. But what’s most interesting about this 4-room design Tampines Street Singapore is the smart devices used here. The lights, sound bar, and thermostat are just a few smart devices included in the interior design. After all, Mr. Sheikh wanted to provide the safest and the most comfortable environment for their kids to grow up in.

We Used a Big Dining Table For Our  4-Room Flat Design Tampines Street to Entertain Our Big Family

An open-concept layout plan encourages open communication within the family

The living room and dining room in this house are adjacent, continuing the open concept design. Due to its seamlessness and spaciousness, the dining room in the 4-room BTO Design Tampines Street is great for hosting a large family with kids, like the homeowners. The wooden eight-seater dining table and chairs completely match the colour-scheme of the rest of the furniture and the floor. 

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Waterfall Quartz Countertop for Our Smart Kitchen Design to Make it More Functional

 Waterfall quartz countertop establishes a continuous flow and makes the countertop durable

Mr. Sheikh’s family opted for a straight kitchen design for saving space. This modular kitchen interior design is one of the most functional areas of the home, with base cabinets, wooden wall cabinets, and waterfall quartz worktop. A waterfall quartz countertop slants down to the edge of the cabinet making a 90 degree angle at the end. It establishes a continuous flow in the kitchen.

We chose a clean, white colour scheme for the design of this modular kitchen. We added wooden accents and black matte cabinets to break the monotony of the neutral colour scheme. Remotely controllable LED lights were chosen to create a mood in the kitchen of this 4-room BTO renovation at Tampines Street.

We Chose an Uncluttered Master Bedroom Design With Just the Essentials

Keep the bedroom uncluttered to make it spacious and airy

Modular storage solutions are common in many Singaporean homes, but Mr. Sheikh did not want any built-in wardrobes in their 4-room BTO renovation Tampines Street bedrooms. The reason was to cut down the renovation costs as well as maintain the resale value of the flat. 

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Designer Kayle  made the bedroom as spacious as possible so that their family can place the shelves and racks that we purchased ourselves. As you can see, she placed a small bed for the small baby and just one storage unit with three shelves for the master bedroom. Just like the living room, we installed smart devices like air purifiers and smart thermostats in the master bedroom as well.

We Preferred Storage-Intensive and Engaging Bedroom for Our Kids

Storage-intensive furniture with a colour pop creates an engaging environment

The kids’ bedroom in this 4-room design Tampines Street Singapore deviates slightly from the monochromatic colour schemes used in this house. Kayle decorated the room with two-colour walls and the furniture in hues of blue, creating the perfect setting for a developing mind.

The wall shelves offer both aesthetic appeal and practicality, and complement the concept of a young child’s room. It provides vertical storage too. The bed occupies a corner space and contributes to space conservation.

A Simple Yet Stylish Bathroom Design for Our Small Family

Keep the dry and wet areas separate in compact bathrooms

Mr. Sheikh and family didn’t want numerous additions to the bathrooms, preferring to keep them simple and functional. The only thing they needed was storage. As a result, the Livspace designer installed laminate cabinets beneath the counter. The bathroom looks cleaner thanks to its wood colour and less grout joints. 

Since the bathrooms are compact, Kayle separated wet and dry areas. She installed a glass shower barrier in the small bathroom to divide the two spaces without bringing more visual clutter.

“We had a good overall experience with Livspace and our ID Kayle. She was able to fulfill our request, put in extra effort to make sure that our and her ideas are on the same page. She came up with fast solutions to rectify the defects in the best possible way.”

– Mr. Sheikh
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How Can Livspace Help You?

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