The HDB BTO flats at Yishun Glen are to be lunched in May 2022, and we’re sure that those who want to apply for them must be quite excited! The Yishun launch is a double-project bonanza. Grove Spring at Yishun and Yishun Boardwalk, both are about to be released for the HDB BTO Yishun launch in May 2022, and they both are almost side by side. It’s also the first BTO launch in Yishun in nearly four years (the previous launches were in August and November 2018).

So, if you are balloting a home in Yishun Glen (or not), we have some brilliant ideas for you to adopt from. Livspace is here to help you with every aspect of design for your new home, from the overall design to the arrangement of furniture. While the room-images are there to give you an idea of how your rooms might look, we decided to go a step further. To help you visualise your future home, we’ve produced a dummy modern interior design for Yishun Glen BTO. 

Join us on a visual tour of the house as we walk you through each room and discuss some ideas you may use for your actual home. Let’s get started!

#Yishun Glen Interior Design: Living Room Design with Two-Tone Colour Walls

Two-tone wall colours bring a subtle charm to this place
A wooden TV unit makes even a small space look really classy

This room has been designed keeping in mind a family of three:  the  – parents and a kid. The focal point of this living room design is the two-tone colour walls with shades of beige and light green. The living area is decorated with a variety of features that give it a lovely minimalist and industrial look. There are a lot of interior design ideas to get inspired from this BTO design, from the cement-tiled floors to the earthy colours and cool dual-tone wall colours. 

This HDB BTO design Yishun Glen follows an open-layout and the wooden bench in place of the sofa, which also extends to form the dining area, offers the living room its own demarcated zone. The ceiling lights further add to the industrial look. 

Design Takeaway:

A wooden TV console helps give the living room a rustic vibe and to add a few additional wooden accents to the design.

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#Yishun Glen Interior Design: Dining-cum-Living Area

A common bench extending in both living and dining area saves a lot of space and money

Do you recall the wooden bench that was placed in the living room? It extends to form the dining area to seat six people in this open-concept layout home in Yishun Glen. The dining room, like the living room, has a blend of industrial and minimal concepts that give it a fresh appearance.

Our designers constructed a wall-partition that divides the dining area from the kitchen to effectively compartmentalise the eating space. The dining-cum-living area can also be used as additional seating for visitors or large families.

Design Takeaway:

Light fixtures such as the pendant lights might help anchor the area in your dining room. Furthermore, they can be employed as a focal point in minimalist-yet-industrialist-style environments.

#Yishun Glen Interior Design: Functional Kitchen with Dual-Colour Combination and Cabinet Designs with Asian Elements

Pink walls in contrast to jade green cabinetry serve as the best combination ever
Dry and wet areas installed parallel to each other improve the workflow

Look at the beautiful colour combination this kitchen has! Pink walls and green cabinet designs can be the perfect colour combinations for any kitchen design, including your kitchen too. This modern interior design for Yishun Glen kitchen has elements of Asian art on its vertical wall cabinets with the rattan-waved fronts. Each cabinet has installed-lights so that it is not difficult for you to find ingredients even in the dark. The seamless jade green bottom cabinets without handles add to the beauty of the kitchen and offer the perfect contrast for the pink walls.

The kitchen also has separate dry and wet areas for a better workflow like many other kitchens now-a-days but the difference is that both the areas are opposite and parallel to each other. By creating separate wet and dry areas this way, you have ample space to get more done without the problem of clutter. In the same way, our designers separated this kitchen into a storage-intensive dry area and a well-lit wet area to improve workflow.

Design Takeaway:

The two-tone wall colour combinations and the cabinet designs with rattan waves are the trendiest takeaways from this kitchen. Make your HDB BTO design Yishun Glen look classy, sassy and luxy with these kitchen design ideas.

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#Yishun Glen Interior Design: Master Bedroom with Rounded Wall Corners to Maintain Spatial Flow

Rounded wall corners maintain the spatial flow throughout the home

Our designers adopted a more pleasant minimalist style in the master bedroom. And, in line with the minimalist theme, the master bedroom has large French windows that let in plenty of natural light. The main attraction of this master bedroom design is the rounded wall corners which maintain the spatial flow in the BTO. The top edge full length wooden wardrobe maintains this round-corner theme.  

Neutrals are a popular colour scheme in minimalist Yishun Glen BTO interior design. And with good reason: these colours are quite flexible and can greatly enhance your personal style. 

Design takeaway:

The bedside pendant lights and bedside styling add the wow factor to this room’s design.

#Yishun Glen Interior Design: Kid’s Bedroom With Custom-built Loft

Custom-built loft with wall-shelves, windows and storage
Place either a study table or baby cot below the loft to utilise the space to the most

A kid’s bedroom is the most difficult place to design as it needs to keep up with the growth of the child. Therefore, custom-built lofts are best ideas for the kid’s room. This custom-built loft has been carved out of wood and has wardrobes, cabinets and wall shelves for your kid. If your kid is between 5-10 years, this loft will give him enough space to keep his belongings and sleep well. Here, we have shared two design ideas for your kid’s bedroom. A big window on the side allows sufficient natural light to enter into the room. The area below the loft can be used as the study area for your kid. 

Another design recommendation is to use the area below the loft to place the baby cot, if you have an infant at home. You can place the baby cot there and keep some soft toys for your baby.

Design Takeaway:

The custom-built loft and the entire carpentry layout is the inspiration for a kid’s room. The wall shelves and windows in the loft design are unique and serve all the purposes of a kid’s room. 

#Yishun Glen Interior Design: A Cosy Common Room for Family and Friends

Bean bags are good alternatives for chairs and couches for a cosy space

This is the best element of this HDB BTO design Yishun Glen.  If you are a young couple, no wonder you’ll have family and friends at your home quite often. This is the area which they will enrich with their giggles and jokes. This common room can accommodate 5-6 people easily and is adorned with five bean bags and a coffee table. The coffee table has a board game on it which will help you entertain your guests. 

Design takeaway:

Instead of chairs or a couch, it is better to keep bean bags at your home. It gives the place a cosy look and helps your friends and family to chill better.

#Yishun Glen Interior Design: Simple Compact Bathroom with Glass Partition

Lager bathroom wall tiles with grout joints give the illusion of space
A glass partition is the best way to segregate dry and wet areas in a bathroom

Without the appropriate furnishings, bathrooms that are used by more than one person may quickly run out of storage space. To avoid this, our designers built this storage-intensive bathroom with enough space to effectively include both dry and wet areas. The two areas are separated by a glass partition. 

Design Takeaway:

The larger bathroom wall tiles have fewer grout joints and hence, they can help give the feeling of spaciousness.

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