Pre-pandemic, you would spot home offices in selective flats, mostly belonging to the elite or business class. In a year, this has all changed and the concept has become somewhat democratic. As most people are working from home, an office or study room has become an inevitable part of the house. Even Livspace designers have been working on some pretty and functional study room designs in their projects. 

If you are still working from your couch and just browsing for office or study room designs, we will make it come true. Here is a curated list of the latest study room designs by Livspace. 

But first, let’s get to the basics:

How Can You Design Your Study Room?

Well, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to setting up a study room. But there are a few things you must take into consideration:

Space and furniture are the most important aspects to consider

#1: The space

For an ideal study room design, choose an area that gets ample light, is spacious and away from household activities. For this, a spot near the window is best. Make a note of the dimensions too to get perfectly fitting furniture.  

#2: The colour 

Neutral, white and pale colours are best when it comes to study room interiors as it calms the mind and results in enhanced productivity. 

#3: The furniture

The essential furniture that you need to get is a desk and office chair. They must comply with your working style. You are going to use the office chair more than you intend to, so invest in a durable, ergonomic and stylish one.  

For an average person, the height of a study table should be 28 inches, and the chair should be at 18 inches.

#4: The storage and organisers

To maintain a neat and clutter-free space, invest in storage units and organisers. Efficient and space-saving storage options are abundant. So, choose the one that ticks all your boxes.

#5: The lighting 

Keep your energy and productivity levels up with proper lighting. Natural light is most preferred, but if that’s not possible, have a combination of lighting options such as lamps, pendant lights, recessed lights etc.

#6: The accessories 

Personalise your workspace with artwork and accessories, but ensure that you don’t clutter. Feel free to skip this step if you are not into accessorising.

Now that you know what goes into a simple study room design take a look at our gallery for inspiration. 

Latest Study Room Designs from Livspace Homes

#1: An all-wood study room design with basics in place

Add warmth with wooden tones

What we love: The large cabinet for storage
Best suited for: Mid-sized spaces

This room is perfect if you expect quiet in your workspace. Along with a simple desk and office chair, a large wooden wardrobe also adorns the polished parquet flooring. Additionally, the wooden tones add warmth to this home office.

#2: An empty nook by the balcony 

A desk can also be used for storage

What we love: The placement, allowing a flood of natural light
Best suited for: Compact and mid-sized homes

The compact setup is what we all can work with. Choose a desk that doubles up as storage and add an ergonomic chair to complete it. The space you select for this home office design is important. Go for an area that gets a lot of natural light, like the one you see above.

#3: All-white minimal study 

White is believed to help in staying focussed

What we love: The long sleek desk
Best suited for: Compact and mid-sized spaces

Neutrals like white and beige are best for study rooms as it is believed to declutter the mind and boost positive energy. This room is an example of a minimalist set-up bearing only the essentials. Allowing for a larger workstation, the long desk also comes with drawers and cabinets for storage. An extra wall shelf is added for displaying photos and plants. 

#4: Marble finish for an elegant look

The L-shaped desk provides more workspace

What we love: Chic black marble and smooth white laminate finish
Best suited for: Compact spaces

This compact study is very stylish as it incorporates various colours and finishes. The desk is L-shaped, forming a ledge by the window and allowing for more space. Vertical space is also utilised for open and closed cabinets. A beige ergonomic chair and the table lamp increases the functionality fashionably. 

An impressive feature to add to your home office is a mirror by the side that expands this small set-up.

#5: A storage-intensive study nook

Take advantage of window sills

What we love: The floor-to-ceiling open storage unit
Best suited for:
Compact spaces

The window ledge is a perfect spot for a simple study room design. Take this one, for example, it neither occupies a lot of floor space nor does it obstruct the window, making it an ideal solution for small rooms. For storage, all you need to do is integrate the desk with an open unit. Look at the several compartments in this one; it screams convenience! 

#6: Optimise the space with a concealed study

A practical solution for small spaces

What we love: Everything (what’s not to love!)
Best suited for: Compact spaces

Your wardrobes can hold more than what you think. In this home, the study is strategically concealed in one of the wardrobes. We mean, WOW! The top shelf is for the computer, and the base ones are for storage. We absolutely love this design because it not only optimises space really well but is also comfortable and looks neat.    

#7: Minimal, functional and high on storage

The floor-to-ceiling cabinet and floating shelf is used for storage and display

What we love: The marriage of grey and wood tones
Best suited for: Compact condos

Following an open layout, this home needed a dedicated home office as a priority. So, the Livspace team used one of the walls to set it up. A wall-mounted table, two chairs and a floating storage unit is all it took to create this stylish space. Notice that the floating shelf also has a built-in lamp, so lighting for those long nights is sorted too. 

#8: A pretty pastel green study

Add freshness with pastels

What we love: Vanity shelves for display
Best suited for: Compact and mid-sized spaces

Fresh and tasteful, this study is all about aesthetics. Clad in pastel green, the room has paintings and many decor items on display. A vanity shelf is made especially for ornaments. The light wooden desk and the ergonomic office chair go perfectly with the look.

#9: Compact and convenient in a room corner

The grey wall adds more elegance to this study

What we love: The chocolate-coloured chaise
Best suited for: Compact and mid-sized spaces

With darker tones, this study is classy and elegant. If you are looking for study room wall designs, take this grey wall with gold accents for inspiration. This compact office has got a metal-legged desk and a black office chair. What’s more? A cosy chaise to spend your breaks on. There is also a console table for storage and a furry rug for that extra bit of cosiness.

#10: A desk with an integrated dresser in the bedroom

This unit is best for space optimisation

What we love: The multi-functional desk-cum-dresser unit
Best suited for: Compact spaces

Have a wall to spare in your bedroom? Then this svelte study room design is for you. Complete with a chest of drawers, the desk is also integrated with the dresser unit, lining all the furniture on one side and making more space for other things. 

#11: A study to accommodate two

A serene light wood and pastel colour palette

What we love: The adjustable study table
Best suited for: Compact and mid-sized spaces

Covered in pastel and light wood, this study room is created for two people. It is separated by an accordion door from the living room. The long desk here is adjustable; it can be changed according to one’s working posture. It also features a stand-alone open unit for display and storage.

#12: By the bed

Have a big workstation is mighty useful

What we love: The pretty overhead unit

Best suited for: Compact and mid-sized spaces 

This bedroom is aesthetically pleasing with a melange of white, beige and pink. The white and beige table is gorgeous as well as functional. Just look at the number of drawers and cabinets! The workstation is also big with enough space to fit in all the electronics.

#13: Light and bright in the bedroom corner

Choose window blinds that don’t obstruct natural light

What we love: The L-shaped desk that fits perfectly in the corner
Best suited for: Compact and mid-sized spaces

This is again a study room design with bed. It features an L-shaped white desk complete with drawers and cabinets. The large window with Venetian blinds looks neat and allows natural light to flow in, brightening up the room.

#14: A study with a separate reading nook 

If you have the space, fit in a reading nook

What we love: The long desk with slender legs
Best suited for: Compact spaces

With a long desk to hold all your electronics and simple chairs, this study room design is best suited for those narrow spaces. A small display shelf above the desk is for flaunting some knick-knacks. There is also a reading nook in the opposite corner that you can use to unwind. What more do you need in a study room?  

#15: A simple set-up in a neutral background

Rugs and blankets are also welcome in a study room

What we love: The light wooden wall
Best suited for: Compact and mid-size spaces

We recommend this simple study room design if you are one to get distracted easily. With a clean design, this room only has the essential furniture — a minimal desk, a chair and an ottoman — and some soft furnishings for that added warmth. Notice that it is also brightly lit with a ceiling light and natural light flowing in through the window.   

How Can Livspace Help You?

Hope you enjoyed and found our latest collection of study room designs helpful. If you too want such a beautiful and functional office or study room, let Livspace help you create it. Book a consultation with one of our expert designers. Our goal is to deliver safe and quality interiors

For more information on building the best study room design, How to Optimise Space for Your Study Rooms is worth a read. 

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