What comes to your mind when you think of a modern house? If you are guessing a home that follows current design trends, you are incorrect. You would be surprised to know that modern design is a style that emerged in the early to mid-20th century. 

Intriguing? Keep reading to get a full picture of the concept of modern house design. 

What is modern design? 

With its base in German and Scandinavian design styles, modern design can be described as simple and uncluttered. It is believed to have emerged between the 1920s and 1950s. This design style grew increasingly popular and later came to be known as mid-century modern.

‘Form follows function’ is the key idea behind modern design style. Simply put, every element in a modern house, whether it is the interiors, furnishings or decor, should have a practical purpose. 


Modern and contemporary designs are often confused with one another. They are, in fact, two very different design styles. Contemporary design is something that follows the current trend. 

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Features of a Modern House

Neutral and earthy colours are widely used in modern house interiors

The common giveaways of a modern house are:

  • Clean lines 
  • Limited, minimal and practical decor
  • A neutral and earthy colour palette 
  • An open floor plan
  • Use of natural materials such as wood, metal and natural fibres 
  • All design elements are functional and practical 
  • No clutter

So the next time you see a home with neutral or earthy colours, natural materials and one devoid of unnecessary decor and design items, be convinced that you are inside a modern house. Another important aspect of the modern design style is that it usually uses a monochromatic colour scheme. 

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To inspire you further, we have put together a modern house picture gallery. Scroll on! 

Best Modern Houses Designed by Livspace 

#1: Minimalist Modern House for a Young Couple

Use natural materials like wood for a cosy vibe

Homeowners Shuyi and Zhibin’s HDB BTO bears a simple and minimalist design with a neutral colour scheme for the walls. Following an open layout, this modern house is amped up with storage units. The open layout also facilitates the couple to host many guests. 

Get the look:

The highlight of this room is the wooden tones. You can get this cosy look by using wooden furniture on wooden flooring. Use soft colours to break the monotony of wood.

#2: Modern Interiors With a Touch of Luxe

Opt for metallic highlights to contrast with neutral tones

This modern 4-room condo evokes a warm and welcoming feeling thanks to the comfy furniture and calm colours in every room. Complementing the neutral colours are the metallic highlights. 

Get the look:

Our designers suggest that the best way to achieve a modern look is to use monotone colours. In this case, beige and browns. Additionally, you can also utilise natural materials such as wood, metal and leather as seen in this modern house.

#3: Solid Wood Furniture Against a White Backdrop

Decor items like chandeliers and paintings ensure vibrant accents within a clean aesthetic

If you are a fan of wooden furniture, then you will love this home. Owned by an Indian couple, the home exemplifies their cultural roots. The modern house has clean white walls that perfectly contrasts the solid wood furniture. 

Get the look:

Have your walls painted white. Add some wooden furniture, a statement chandelier and a few decor items to perfect this look. If you’d like to add more character to your modern house, you can also consider hanging a few paintings.  

#4: Compact Modern House With Space-Saving Furniture

Limit the decor for an uncluttered look 

A perfect example of modern house design is this 3-room condo. Optimisation of the compact space has resulted in a completely functional home. The dominant colours in this home are white and grey, complemented by a neutral material palette ensured by the use of light wood As for the decor, it is limited to give the space an uncluttered and spacious look. 

Get the look:

A neutral palette with complementing colours is what’s mainly required to achieve this neat design. Also, invest in some floating and multifunctional furniture to save space.   

#5: 40-Year-Old HDB That Flaunts a Trendy Modern Look

Sliding doors are a good choice to elevate the modern look

Last but not least is yet another compact HDB with beautiful modern interiors. With extensive use of pop colours, patterned tiles, glass, etc., this home is awe-inspiring. What’s more? Every corner of this modern house is packed with storage units. 

Get the look:

The colour combinations used in this modern house is simply outstanding. If you are a fan of colourful interiors, you should take cues from this home and experiment with them. You can also use a sliding glass door to amp up that modern feel.

How can Livspace help you?

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