Rattan furniture is one popular item that decorates most Singaporean homes in some way or the other. Be it through the use of a rattan sofa or with a simple rattan table for the living room, it’s a great addition to your space. Moreover, rattan furniture in Singapore is also synonymous with bohemian interiors. It often lends your home a boho-chic look. So, if bohemian interior design resonates with you, or if you’re simply looking for sustainable furniture, this guide is sure to help you. 

Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about rattan furniture in Singapore. From where to buy rattan furniture to tips on cleaning rattan furniture, we’ve covered it all!

What is Rattan? 

Be it as blinds or storage boxes, rattan has a multitude of uses

Rattan is a material derived from a type of long-stemmed vine typically found in Southeast Asia. These vines are, in turn, woven and/or transformed into rattan furniture in Singapore you see today. What’s more, rattan is a fast-growing species of plant that can renew itself quickly. This makes rattan furniture a sustainable option for your decor. 

Similarly, there can be various methods and techniques that go into creating rattan furniture besides weaving. Being a multifaceted material, rattan’s bark is used to make cane furniture, while the inner section is used to weave wicker. 

Rattan Furniture Vs Wicker & Cane Furniture: How Do They Differ?

Who knew so many wonderful types of furniture come from the rattan material?

Rattan furniture might be made from rattan, however, the material itself serves several purposes. Similarly, as rattan is a material, it also makes an appearance in wicker and cane furniture. While rattan is a material for furniture, wicker is a style of weaving that you might frequently see in boho-style interiors. 

Besides rattan, there are various other materials that can go into creating wicker furniture. On the other hand, cane furniture uses the outer bark of the rattan vine due to its malleability. Here, it is also important to note that rattan furniture in Singapore can either be natural or synthetically made. 

While natural rattan furniture is more sustainable, synthetic rattan might be more resistant to wear and tear. Consequently, while selecting your rattan outdoor furniture in Singapore, be sure to factor this in.

Rattan Furniture in Singapore: Why Is It So Popular? 

This Livspace home makes the most of rattan furniture in Singapore

Given the flexibility in design that rattan furniture provides, the hold it has on our decor comes as no surprise. No matter the look you’re going for, there’s a way to introduce rattan furniture into your design. Since the rattan vine is native to certain Southeast Asian countries, it is only natural for our communities to embrace this wonderful material. 

During the 1970s, rattan furniture in Singapore peaked as a household staple as the country became a production centre for it. At the time, Singapore was also a fairly big exporter of rattan furniture, adding to its popularity in the country.

Don’t miss the rattan panels on the drawers of this console table

Though the times have changed with the embrace of modern production techniques, the art of making rattan furniture in Singapore is still alive. Rattan craftspeople still uphold this tradition of making handmade furniture even today. 

Besides the history of rattan furniture in Singapore, another reason why this material is so beloved is largely due to its sustainable nature. Similarly, rattan is highly versatile, as it can work as both indoor and outdoor furniture. However, be sure that your rattan outdoor furniture in Singapore is synthetically made as natural rattan is not weatherproof. 

How Much Does Rattan Furniture in Singapore Typically Cost? 

Did you know that rattan sofas can be modular too?

When it comes to the cost of rattan furniture in Singapore, it can vary based on the type of product you’re looking for. Rattan is typically used in a variety of accessories, thus making the process of identifying a price range difficult for all types of furniture. 

The estimated price for a rattan sofa would be around S$200 and upwards depending on the vendor you purchase it from. Cheaper alternatives might be available. But since the beauty of rattan furniture lies in its handcrafted artistry, a lot of the times, the price might be based on that. 

Other than a rattan sofa, other types of rattan furniture and decor need not necessarily be priced as high. Some rattan chairs/stools are priced at an estimate of S$100 and above, while decorative rattan accessories can cost upwards of S$35. 

Where To Buy Rattan Furniture in Singapore?

Can you spot all the rattan furniture from IKEA in this image?

Wondering where to buy rattan furniture in Singapore without breaking the bank or compromising on quality? Save yourself the trouble of looking for a suitable store with some of these options: 

1. IKEA 

Though handcrafted rattan furniture has its charm, it can turn out to be more expensive. If you’re looking to save some money on a rattan sofa, consider exploring IKEA’s range of products. 

2. Elements Concept 

Love going the sustainable route with your rattan furniture in Singapore? If so, Elements Concept is a great place to source your furniture, as they work with quality craftspeople to get the job done. What’s more, they also offer the option to customise your order as per the need of your interiors. 

3. Second Charm

Embrace the experimental with new and interesting designs from Second Charm. Besides putting a modern spin on designing rattan furniture, they offer restoration services as well. With a commitment to safeguard the age-old tradition of rattan furniture, Second Charm products are made to order. 

4. Originals 

All homeowners love personalising their space with decor that reflects their personality. Originals allow you this very freedom to personalise your rattan furniture uniquely. As this practice uses sustainable materials, it also serves as an eco-friendly approach to buying rattan furniture in Singapore.


Looking for some synthetic rattan outdoor furniture in Singapore? HEMMA’s collection of weatherproof rattan furniture is something you don’t want to miss. Since natural rattan is not weatherproof, it might have a shorter lifespan if made to battle the seasons. Instead, go for synthetic rattan furniture for a more cost-effective and low-maintenance option. 

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How to Style Rattan Furniture at Home? 

Now that you’re all caught up on where to buy rattan furniture in Singapore, it’s time to explore the many ways you can style these items at home.

#1: Balcony Seating

Synthetic rattan outdoor furniture in Singapore is easier to maintain than natural rattan

Rattan furniture packs in quite the punch when it comes to styling balconies and patios. Go for synthetic rattan outdoor furniture in Singapore that is guaranteed to protect your furnishings from the seasons. Depending on the space you have, you can either use a rattan sofa, a simple rattan chair, or an egg chair to take in those balcony views. 

#2: Kitchen Cabinetry

Rattan brings a nice touch of tradition to modern kitchens when used as cabinetry

The more common types of rattan furniture are typically sofas and chairs. But what if you could decorate your kitchen cabinets with rattan too? To bring in a touch of tradition, add some rattan to your kitchen cabinetry, and you’d love the look.

#3: Reading Room Furniture

Decorate your private library with a simple rattan chair for optimum cosiness

There’s something very special about the idea of cosying up in a comfy rattan chair while you read your favourite book. If that’s the kind of vibe you look for in your reading room, maybe it can benefit from some rattan furniture. 

#4: Light Shades 

Bring in that tropical holiday feel into your home with rattan light shades

Apart from using rattan furniture for seating purposes, you can also use it in your lighting. Bring those tropical resort vibes to your home with some boho-chic rattan light shades. This style works especially well for pendant lights in the dining room. 

#5: Blinds 

Protect your interior from sun damage with blinds made from rattan

Shield your interiors from harsh sun rays during peak summer months with rattan blinds. Given the light material of these blinds, they prevent your room from getting too dark when lowered. Notice how it seamlessly blends into the design of this living room, making it a must-have type of rattan furniture in Singapore homes. 

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#6: Wall Decor 

Go for rattan decor in different shades to add some contrast to your furniture

You’ve heard of denim on denim, but have you ever considered rattan on rattan? Bring some cohesiveness into your design by pairing your rattan dining chairs with other rattan furniture. Using simple rattan wall decor is another easy way to get this rustic look. 

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#7: Room Partition 

Divide your space into functional zones with the use of a rattan screen

A little privacy goes a long way in making your bedroom comfortable to stay in. With the creative use of rattan furniture, you can further amplify the look of your room without compromising on space. Go for a simple rattan partition or a room divider to segment your bedroom into different sleeping and changing zones.

#8: Bathroom Mirrors and Storage Baskets 

Storage boxes are a good example of how rattan and the wicker-weave coincide

Rattan furniture is a fun way to spice up your bathroom decor and add a touch of rustic flavour to the space. You can either introduce rattan in your bathroom with a framed mirror, or you can go for wicker baskets made with rattan. Whichever you choose, be sure to go for synthetic rattan over natural rattan, as the latter can sustain moisture and mildew. 

#9: Bed Frame

Reminisce the old days with grandpa and grandma with a rattan bed frame

Relive those days you spent at your grandparent’s home with a classic rattan bed frame. It’s the perfect way to enmesh traditional rattan furniture styles with modern theme interiors. 

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#10: Decor Accessories 

Pouffes, baskets and coffee tables are a few other great ways to use rattan in your home

Besides the many other ways to use rattan furniture, the simplest of them all is to infuse them as home decor in common areas. Go for a rattan pouffe for added seating, or simply introduce a wicker basket made of rattan for more storage. 

How to Maintain Rattan Furniture in Singapore?

Rattan furniture is prone to collecting dust and other particles due to the many crevices in its build. For this reason, it’s important to carry out regular cleaning to keep your rattan furniture in top condition for years to come. Here are a few tips on how to maintain rattan furniture in Singapore that you can use: 

Be sure to follow these tips to improve the longevity of your furniture
  • A vacuum cleaner or an upholstery brush is one of the best ways to reach into creases and folds while cleaning rattan furniture. Use them on a weekly basis to get rid of any dust or grime build up.
  • Wipe away spills and stains with a damp cloth as soon as possible. Avoid rubbing the stains to prevent lodging any particles into the weave of your rattan furniture. Use dull instruments like a spoon or butter knife (non-serrated) to dislodge stuck particles if necessary. 
  • Go over your rattan furniture with a cleaning solution and damp cloth once a month. Allow them to air dry once this is done to prevent moisture from collecting. 
  • For cleaning rattan furniture annually, look for any cracks or mildew in the weave. To remove mildew, create a cleaning solution of bleach and water to go over the furniture with and allow the furniture to air dry after.
  • After following these steps on cleaning rattan furniture, you can wipe them down with boiled linseed oil to help condition them. After doing so, be sure to allow your rattan furniture to dry for 48 hours before adding cushions back.

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