The bathroom is one of the most important components of your home. Small bathrooms may have their advantages (think cleaning) but they come with other problems that can often put us off. However, that definitely isn’t reason enough to bring you down! Because we have identified the most problematic areas in small toilet design and can show you how to solve them! Follow our suggestions to make the most of your tiny space.

#1: Not Segregating Wet and Dry Space

small toilet design–plants–big window
Place physical barriers between wet and dry areas

Segregating a bathroom into wet and dry areas is essential, especially in a toilet design for small spaces. The wet area is the section where the bathtub and shower are located.

How to fix it

The best thing to do is to place a physical barrier between this area and the rest of the bathroom. This will help prevent mould and make the bathroom easier to clean. For smaller bathrooms, there are plenty of clever ideas you can use to separate these zones. Different colours or textures on the walls and floor of the dry zone, frameless glass to create a partition or using a shower panel are some of the ways in which you can separate the two.

#2: Poor Lighting

small toilet design–sink with overhead cabinets–patterned wall
Highlight and elevate

No matter how pretty or well planned a bathroom is, if it is barely lit, its smart design won’t make much of an impact. Light is essential in the bathroom to perform everyday activities like shaving or putting on make-up.

How to fix it

There are different options to tackle this problem. Natural light is the best and most preferred option so go ahead and install that window. Another alternative is to concentrate on highlighting certain elements. This can mean recessed lighting under cabinets or behind the mirror. Take advantage of the wet and dry areas and light them differently to show separation. Light can be your best ally to enhance the decor in your small toilet design.

#3: No Proper Storage

small toilet design–rain shower head–white sink
Storage places as a classic and elegant touch

Many mistakes have been made in the name of design. And one of the biggest is sacrificing storage capacity for aesthetics. You know your needs and only you know what you want to store in your bathroom.

How to fix it

When thinking about a small toilet design think about how you can use every part of the room as a possible place to store bathroom essentials. Placing cabinets under the sink and a mirror with storage capacity are just a few examples of how you can make better use of the space without overcrowding.

#4: No Ventilation

small toilet design – bath – rectangular mirror
Ventilation to eliminate excess moisture and odour

Lack of ventilation also leads to dampness. And, this is something that can gradually deteriorate the state of your bathroom and your health.

How to fix it

With a good window, you would have both, light and good ventilation. But if this is not possible, then the best thing to do is to install an exhaust fan, the closer to the shower the better. Having fresh air in the bathroom is extremely important. In addition, you can place dried plants that will help add fragrance to the room.

#5: Slippery Tiles

small toilet design–glass shower screen–towel rack
The flooring can make or break the room

In bathrooms, you will invariably, almost always, find some water on the floor. Most accidents at home happen in the bathroom and you can never be too cautious.

How to fix it

Use non-slip tiles. That is the golden rule. You will find an infinite number of designs and colours in such tiles that can help you to liven up your space.

#6: Unused Space

small toilet design–light walls–side shelves
Make the most of the available space

The small toilet design is based on the primacy of ensuring there is no wasted space. We tend to overlook the space around the washbasin or toilet.

How to fix it

An excellent way to make the best use of this space is the correct selection of a vanity unit. You can combine cabinets, display shelves and a vanity table extension to make the best possible use of space while maintaining a clean and pleasing design.

#7: No Style

small toilet design–white sink–blue vanity unit
Add a pop of colour without overloading

Working on a simple small toilet design does not mean it has to be sans style. The idea is to achieve a bright and clean space with a stunning design.

How to fix it

Painting the walls in clear shades will help you make the bathroom feel more spacious than it really is. However, this could end up looking boring, so make the most of colours and textures that are available to you. Even just a touch of colour to brighten the decor will make a huge difference.

#8: Lacking Depth

small toilet design-laminate vanity-big mirror cabinet
Use neutral colours to add visual depth

In spite of the compact size, you can always make the bathroom look more spacious than it is.

How to fix it

Some small toilet design ideas to achieve this include using light and using neutral colours to add depth colours. Another great hack is to extend the mirror along the wall. It will reflect the light, especially if you don’t have a window, making the bathroom appear larger than it is.

#9: One Towel, Not Ideal

grey floor–vanity unit
All the space your towels need

It is not the end of the world but it can be very frustrating not having space to hang more than one towel.

How to fix it

You can find multiple towel racks that can be mounted against the wall or your shower door that will not take up much space. Another excellent option, if you can spare more room, is to store clean towels in a well-designed designated area, in a basket or under the sink, to make them easily available.

#10: Crammed to the Brim

mat–vanity unit
A compact black-and-white bathroom

A compact space means fears of overloading. It is easy to make the space look and feel cramped in the absence of clever thinking.

How to fix it

When designing a small bathroom, you can look at classic, elegant colours like black and white. Compositions like these are compatible with several other shades. The interiors can be made more vibrant with decorative elements. If you add pops of colour and textures, then the room will not feel overloaded. Include a transparent shower screen to open up the space.

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A small toilet design is a challenge that needs to be approached with optimistic creativity. With these tips you can let your imagination fly and have the bathroom of your dreams, one that is small in size but not in style! Keep functionality in mind and add your touch to it. Pop over to 6 Trending Toilet Designs That You Must Look Out For in 2021 to learn more about the bathroom trends for 2021.

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